Lorentz Virtual Analog Synthesizer For iOS Updated To Version 2

iceWorks has updated Lorentz, a live-oriented analog modeling synthesizer for iOS, to version 2.

Here’s what’s new in Lorentz v2:

  • Universal App : Optimized for iPad and iPhone
  • Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3) compatible
  • Support for Audiobus State Saving
  • Exporting and importing of presets via Share extensions
  • Add Swing parameter to the arpeggiator
  • Improved MIDI mapping function
  • Support for Bluetooth MIDI Devices

Pricing and Availability

Lorentz is available now with an intro price of US $5.99 (normally $7.99).

If you’ve used Lorentz, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

17 thoughts on “Lorentz Virtual Analog Synthesizer For iOS Updated To Version 2

  1. Not to pick nits, but I usually expect that a version 2 update will include some enhancements to the synth itself. But those added features are certainly welcome.

    1.x or 2.0? I guess it’s really a non-point.

    Yet here I am, still typing away.

    1. I bet the added features represent an amount of work on par with the amount of work required to get the 1.0 out the door. So, from the dev’s perspective, 2.0 indeed. It’s like he took a good, solid synth and made it ‘Pro’, in iOS terms anyway.

      Also, I award you two points for ‘… a non-point’. 🙂

  2. ios developers have no excuses for making 3 Osc synths with ADSR’s and FX when apps like the ageing Animoog still leaves them in the dust.

    1. Some developers are pursuing these slight variations on the subtractive synth. Perhaps because a subtractive synth is familiar to potential customers (and the developer).

      The great Animoog synth is a also a subtractive but that’s not what strikes you about it!

      As an aside, Z3ta+ was one of the most ambitions synths on iOS. Powerful synthesis options, a full mod matrix, scale-influenced pitch bending, and scala tuning maps. However, it had significant problems and just languished in it’s sloppy state.

      IceWorks seems to keep their made-for-iOS stuff working right.

      1. Gee – Z3ta is currently at $30.99 and has not been updated since Jan.2015
        Bloody rip-off, not the product but the updated service.

        1. Yea. Z3ta+ WOULD be worth that price IF they actually spent some time making it right. But that was one lazy beta test. Then they just released it with all its problems and with virtually no support. Pretty much the same for the Mac release, too. Could have been wonderful.

          Lorentz is ok. Not that exciting, but it’s fine.

  3. Nice to see what a fully-features iOS synth looks like – that’s a lot of development effort!! Way more than for a VST or AU plug-in for example, because you have to deal with all these extra toolkits and lots of platform specifics.

    The UI looks good too, fairly flat/minimal, but with all the important features.

  4. Hmmm .. I’ll actually have to try Lorentz out one of these days .. bought it on a sale and never booted it up. Just too many friggin soft synths these days .. its eating up my creativity with endless patch surfing. Viva la hardware!

  5. Ice works makes quality stuff albeit their synth lineup is a bit familiar from synth to synth. I use Mersenne quite a lot as the arpeggiator is quite flexible and easy to use. The sounds are great with just a touch of reverb!

  6. Coffeeshopped Patchbase should take note of how clear and easily distinguishable the sections are. In fact, there may be quite a few developers that should take note of this: no cryptic icons that may be more fashionable than practical (Samplr & Modstep for instance). This app’s use of color and omittance of visual flare make it easy to understand and approach off the bat (unlike Soundscaper, Sector, and iPulsrate). Would anyone familiar with synthesis be confused for an instance looking at this particular app?

  7. The clip would be nice if it gave us more than a distorted 303-style sound through the whole thing. Nice sound but it does nothing to demonstrate the versatility of this, or if it even sounds good.

    The price is certainly right, but I’ve already paid for lots of iOS soft synths.

    So to other readers I ask: how does it sound? If I already have animoog, iMS-20, iPolysix, iSEM, And Gadget, should I even bother?

    1. It sounds OK. Perhaps wait till its on sale though as you already have some great IOS synths and could write grammy award winning music with them 🙂

    2. I love ice gear synths, a lot, but given that collection, I’d considering something like Phasemaker instead. Or Ice Gear’s Laplace. Something with different synthesis methods.

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