Celemony Updates Capstan With Larger File Handling, HiDPI Display

Celemony has announced an update for Capstan, the company’s software solution for removing wow and flutter from vinyl and tape recordings.

Free to current users, Capstan v 1.3 enables the user to load audio files larger than 1.5 GB, whereby technical optimizations even with very large files assure a rapid display and editing tempo.

First introduced in 2011, Capstan is used worldwide by “classic” labels, as well as by many mastering and restoration studios, broadcasters and archivists to assist in the rescue of historical recordings.

Capstan is based on Celemony’s DNA (Direct Note Access) technology, which is also used by their flagship software Melodyne, and is capable of detecting wow and flutter from the music itself – regardless of the medium (magnetic tape, vinyl, etc.), rather than relying solely on reading the bias: Capstan still functions even if the tape has been copied several times or digitized at low sampling rates.

The updated Capstan supports the high resolution display with HiDPI on suitable Windows systems and is compatible with the most recent iLok driver software.

Pricing and Availability. Celemony Capstan 1.3 is available now. The update can be used on a trial basis for US$/€ 199 for five days; the permanent Capstan license costs US$ 4,458/€ 3,790.

More information on Capstan is available on the Celemony website.

2 thoughts on “Celemony Updates Capstan With Larger File Handling, HiDPI Display

    1. After purchasing Capstan and feeling so badly about having spent to much money, I pitch corrected all Boards of Canada albums and then bought Psychic Modulation’s EchoMelt, applied it to some tracks, and then straightened those out too. Now I am satisfied.

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