Celldweller’s ‘Awakening With You’ (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Celldweller (Klayton) shared this music video for the Ulrich Schnauss remix of his track Awakening With You.

The track comes from the new Celldweller album, Offworld, which explores more atmospheric territory than his previous albums. Klayton says that the album is inspired by Winter:

“Winter is the season I find myself gravitating towards listening to more emotive & melancholy music. One winters night I found myself in my studio, lights dimmed low, playing with a guitar and a new piece of software. I started plucking out the notes that would eventually become “How Little I Must Know.” Lyrics and vocals came together quickly and I soon had a short song finished, but wasn’t quite sure where it fit. Thus begun the development of the idea to make a whole album that had a specific feel, and for me captured the essence of the music I loved to listen to during earth’s perihelion.”

The remix accentuates the atmospheric aspects of the original, but also takes the track deep into Schnauss territory.  Here’s the original, for comparison:

“I’m always excited when I get the opportunity to remix people who do stuff that’s different to the music I normally record,” notes Schnauss. “I hope listeners will experience the result as an interesting collision of different sound aesthetics. ”

Celldweller’s Offworld is available now.

7 thoughts on “Celldweller’s ‘Awakening With You’ (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

  1. Schnauss started off producing and djing drum n bass and moved onto more atmospheric almost shoegaze electronic music produced with mostly hardware synthesis. I think he is one of the finer electronic musicians around today, great emotional and inspired work.

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