100% Behringer D Synthpop Track

This track, via MrFirechild, is a showcase for the upcoming Behringer D analog synthesizer – a clone of the original Minimoog, introduced by R.A. Moog in 1970.

The track is made only with sounds from the Behringer Model D synthesizer.

The Behringer D is a Eurorack-sized synth, inspired by Moog’s legendary analog monosynth. It expands on the original by adding MIDI and some additional CV control.

Check out the track and let us know what you think!

Pricing and Availability

Behringer has not made an official announcement about pricing or availability, but the Behringer D is expected to be available for US $299 in September, 2017.

51 thoughts on “100% Behringer D Synthpop Track

  1. What a slap in the face. Just sit it right on top of a Moog Model D like “suck it”. Does sound good but thems there fighting words.

  2. Aucun interêt.
    Ça sonne “cheap” et ça n’a rien avoir avec un instrument analogique de qualité tel que le minimoog.

    1. Permet moi de douter que tu aurais su qu’il s’agissait d’un Behringer si il n’y avait pas eu d’images qui accompagne la trame sonore.

      1. If there was no picture I would not have guessed it was a Behringer actually. But I would not have imagined, either, that it’s a minimoog. I probably would have imagined some kind of app.

  3. Eurorack and with keys is a good idea. Roland should have doe that with the Boutiques. Place them in a rack, control via MIDI . OH but…. Boutiques/SE02 no – formal – Sysex and no patch saving interface but a very user un-friendly USB file based interface , you need to reboot to do that, like on the TR-8 it’s like Windows). Go figure it’s 2017, Roland Boutique/Aira group, please go and learn something from you other development group that makes JDXA/Integra etcc.. they know how to do sysex well, you know, it’s called MIDI from the 80’s

    1. @Q:
      Of course you can save user patches on the Roland Boutiques, including the SE-02. And should your patch memory be full, you can usb to transfer back and forth with a PC. The original instruments also did not have midi sysex for this. Instead you needed to use a cassette audio interface.
      Making music is i.m.o. more important and above all fun than nagging about these details.

      1. > The original instruments also did not have midi sysex for this.

        Regarding the Boutiques, the Juno 106 (1984) has sysex support for both patches and parameters. The Jupiter 8 (1981) does not, nor does the JX-3P (1983).

  4. If you have even a small to moderate amount of gear, hard or soft and can’t get these sounds, you’re not trying very hard. In fact the less you try the closer to these basic sounds you’ll be.

    1. Using that logic however, you can ‘get’ any sound, and still not really ‘have’ the sound. With soft synths generally you can get a quite convincing sound, but the edge, grit , and weight of hardware sound is often unmistakable. This sounds amazing for the price imho.

    1. That’s an Akai midi keyboard placed in front, not part of the synth. Though it does show this guy could have looked pretty cool with a keyboard attached.

      Sounds great in this vid.

  5. Somebody needs to take this thing and clone the Moog sounds from the Trouble Man soundtrack. Make it sound funky. I watched 50 demos from Superbooth, listened to the Behringer soundcloud demo, and now this. Nothing so far that remotely sounds moogish.

  6. i agree with Crall. i don’t hear the famous moog filter at all. and why demo a bunch of sine and square wave type sounds when is famous for its fat sawtooth waves? this sounds like a thin, cheap modern synth, not the classic Minimoog D.

    1. If sound quality is your concern here, perhaps direct your opinions to youtube?

      Or are you referring to live audio quality? If that’s the case I can’t guarantee that Behringers product developers will read your thoughts here.

    2. I think its more famous for it square waves .. think Rick Wakeman ‘And you and I’ Steve Miller ‘Fly like an eagle’ and ELP ‘Lucky Man’ (though Lucky man was actually done on the Moog Modular, the Minimoog nails it) I didn’t like this demo btw, I’m waiting for mine to pass judgement)

  7. Only few manufacturers can possibly outperform Behringer for a much higher price. This is “their time”, while others are drinking Tequila with our money. Don’t get me wrong, but after 30 years in making music, this is the first time i’m able to get hands on affordable analog technology. Deepmind is yet there and the “D” is definitely coming soon. Great Eurorack format and sound! The Moog reissue didn’t impress me at all. A big wooden piece for a hell of bucks and some worn out sounds.

  8. Sounds better than I expected, but not in the sounds that attempt to exhibit some detail (these are also somewhat down in the mix). It “fails” in the last bass note. But then again it is not a minimoog. Also people seem to think that once you power on a minimoog you immediately have access to all classic and renowned sounds. No guys, you have to tweek them yourselves, and it is easy to get very “cheap” and unconvincing sounds (like the last bass note in this track) from a minimoog.
    Yet it seems like a lot of fun, good looking lilliputter and almost a must have for that price.

  9. The synth sounds great in the video. Its 299$ ffs. And that tune he’s playing is cool too. F–k the begrudgers. Most of you on here couldn’t write a half decent tune if your life depended on it.
    I’ll wait to test it out before buying though, only because my experiences with Behringer have not been good.

  10. Not like Moog, but what a sound, indeed!..gamechanger for many who can’t afford the real stuff..who knows what will people learn to do with this? Just like we did with original tb-303. will it evolve into something completely different from Moog(or into something Moog could have become) because it will we accessible to much more people? Thumbs up!

  11. It’s fricking $299! Sheesh. I want to hear more of that filter though. Even if it’s not spot on, I still thought it sounded quite good, but I’d like another demo of sound creation, tweaking. That would really help to solve this.

    1. No kidding! This is HARDWARE for less than some VST’s! How can anyone really complain?!

      Either Uli is loss leading this thing or VST prices need to come waaaaayyyyy down.

    2. That would be well and good if it was just a $299 synth. Uli is the one who chose to market it as a minimoog clone, so it’s going to be compared to a minimoog.

  12. Our synth sounds and looks like shit! ok, lets steal one. Ah wait ! the lawyers say it’s actually legal to steal one ! hooray, we got a nice sounding synth !

  13. not a convincing demo. not enough minimoog in the sounds. still think it’s a convincing synth, tho.

    video is horrible picturewise.

  14. Playing this Behringer when that guy has all those beauties in his studio? Has he done something terrible that his wife punished him with this Behringer?

      1. You have absolutely no idea who Mr Firechild is do you?

        One of the finest music studios on the planet and the skills to use it all. Do your research son!

  15. hmmm, Akai LPK25 USB out – Behringer MIDI in. Is there a USB host device between the two or is this gent just miming this terrible chip tune garbage?

    1. My guess is that there’s probably a laptop connected in there somehow…
      Not a big deal, IMO. This is demo, not a tutorial. The connectivity is not important.

      Also, the music in this demo is most definitely not chiptune!

  16. Not my style of music, but the synth does sound good. Moog better get it in gear or they’ll be irrelevant (and bankrupt) once again.

  17. I hope it sounds better than this…you could make this garbage track in 20 minutes with Gadget…

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