9 thoughts on “FM4 Tutorial Hands-On Demo

  1. I got the FM 4 rack extension because the dx 7 rack extension I had was too cumbersome. FM 4 sounds pretty good, it’s even got some coil feature to degrade the sound or de stabalize the oscillators. It’s a good buy, my bread and budder FM synth

      1. The problem with older apps is that most of them will stop working when IOS 11 will be released as Apple decided 32-bit apps won’t work anymore. Which is why I can never update my iPad anymore unless I buy a new one because there are too many awesome 32-bit apps.

        1. The app store is filled with half-baked and abandoned apps. So many apps get started and then abandoned down the line.

          Having this clear out isn’t a bad thing.

          The best FM synth I’ve heard is FM7 thus far. October 2016 update so hopefully it will get another update some time.

          1. If they still work and are still good and fun to use does it really matter if they are abandoned or not? Apple could just stop making them available in the app store and I would totally agree to that (I keep backups of my apps so I could reinstall them even if they are not in the store anymore). I just find it annoying that they arbitrarily decides to flick a switch that will make all those apps to not work anymore.

            This is just like when Apple decided that PowerPC apps wouldn’t work anymore on OSX. They worked perfectly for years until the Lion update, and then they simply stopped working. Meanwhile I can still use abandoned software that was written 20 years ago on Windows.

  2. Nice upgrade from my dead DX-100 (needs more than a battery…). Monotimbral, but has DX-11 style non-sine oscillators, and WAY easier to edit than my ‘100 ever was: analog style faceplate full of knobs. Great fun to play with.

    Slave iPad to a cheap rompler board via USB to add FM layered on samples, and pretend you have a Montage 🙂

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