PPG Infinite For iPad (Sneak Preview)

Wolfgang Palm shared this sneak preview and audio demo of his latest synthesizer, PPG Infinite for iPad. 

The video offers a sneak preview of the PPG Infinite user interface, running on an iPad. It also features a PPG Infinite demo song, by Cornel Hecht.

Specifications and other details for PPG Infinite are still to be announced.

10 thoughts on “PPG Infinite For iPad (Sneak Preview)

  1. The finger spinny waveform mountain makes it much easier to design new sounds. You can visualize the sound and sculpt it more efficiently. But perhaps it’s just a really cute 3d wave map deisgned to look good but not really serve a purpose other than looking good.

    I don’t know. Perhaps someone who does know can explain…

    Do you know?

    1. Explanation, We only just left the trees,so we are still that Monkey fascinated by brightly coloured things ,and wanting to get our hands on new bits and play with them throwing and Twizzleing them round.That monkey in all of us just loves to mess about with that brightly coloured flashing thing with our hands and other parts of the anatomy[if possible] and get an unexpected big noise and changes.In Short something having a purpose is way down the list to something that attracts that curious fun loving monkey in all of us.

  2. Im blown away again Wolfgang. I have all your other apps n love them all for different reasons. Your always breathing new life into synth apps for the IPad. You have a vast pioneering soul.

    Thank you

  3. We are living exciting times……people can imagine synths and build them that would be too expensive in hardware……The synths coming out are so awesome…….bring it on

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