Live Hip Hop Sampling Workflow With A Korg microSampler

This video, via Phill Wilson (AKA MyOneManBand), captures a live sampling synth jam session, featuring a Korg microSampler and a Boss Loop Station.

“I have always wanted to make the kind of upbeat instrumental hiphop tracks that I love,” notes¬†Wilson, “I have come up with my own blend of super fast methods for working live with samples in the same way as I would live loop a guitar or keyboards.”

11 thoughts on “Live Hip Hop Sampling Workflow With A Korg microSampler

  1. Nice and creative video!
    I like the way the Microsampler has that “Auto-Next” continuous sampling to individual keys!
    Does anyone know of software that can do this?

  2. Damn, that Microsampler & RC-505 set up has a killer workflow! That record-sample-on-pressing-a-key function ought to be implemented more often.

    Only design flaw with the Microsampler was those recessed dials, they look like incredible dandruff collectors. Gear shouldn’t remind me of my lack of personal hygiene.

  3. had a microsampler before i bothered with a daw.
    can also sequence everything too.
    Best new sampler out there (even tho it’s now almost 10 years old).
    Sold it to a mate who never uses it.

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