Free Roland JD-Xi Patch Editor & Librarian For Mac OS X

Developer Oliver Kuhn contacted us about his app, okJDXiEditor, a free patch editor and librarian for the Roland JD-Xi synthesizer.

okJDXiEditor lets you edit all synthesizers (digital and analog) as well as the drum kit partials. Patches may be saved as files and loaded later. All files are text files which store the midi messages in ascii hex format. One message per line. This makes it easy to share patches.


  • Easily change patch names
  • Edit synth tones, drum kit and partials
  • Save and load individual synth tones as well as the drum kit.
  • You can easily create your own patches or select a preset and modify it
  • Fully scalable user interface.
  • This editor will only modify the temporary memory of the JD-Xi. To permanently save patches you must press the [Shift][Write] keys on the JD-Xi or save them to a file.

Pricing and Availability

okJDXiEditor is a free download from the Mac App Store.

5 thoughts on “Free Roland JD-Xi Patch Editor & Librarian For Mac OS X

  1. Interested.
    I can do a lot of things with my JD-Xi. It’s my happy little assistant for many things. Unfortunately it is capable of so much more, which is very unpractical due to all the menu diving. So when there will be a PC (windows) or Raspberry Pi (Linux) version available, I’ll take it, should it be reasonably priced (not everything has to come for free you know).

    1. Why would you buy it knowing you have to menu dive? It’s not Roland’s fault you didn’t do your homework before purchase.

      1. Somebody forgot to chill today!

        ALL mini synths have significant compromises, and most people who buy them know it up front and buy them anyway, because the price is right.

        Why do you think people are interested in the Behringer D? Do you think they mistakenly believe it’s exactly the same as a Minimoog? No – it’s good enough that lots of people are going to be willing to accept its compromises.

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