Kebu Jams With The Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer

Synthesist Kebu (Sebastian Teir) let us know about his latest video, which features his initial jams with Scandinavia’s first Roland SE-02 synthesizer.

Kebu is known for his live analog performances, often inspired by classic synth music, and is right at home with the SE-02.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

I was fortunate to get my hands on (at the time) Scandinavia’s only Roland SE-02 synth for a few days. So I took some time to try it out and hooked it up to a Boss RV-500 reverb unit.

It’s a really lovely sounding analog synth!

The sounds were recorded straight from the SE-02, through the RV-500. No additional processing was used (except for some EQ where mentioned).

37 thoughts on “Kebu Jams With The Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer

  1. Sounds pretty damn good.

    My only concern is if others will judge me for using a synth with tiny knobs and mini-keys as they listen to music I made with it when they are drunk and high as fuck while dancing in a darkened club somewhere.

      1. the guy in the video just showed you humans can do it . madness!

        on that note 😉

        is sounds ok at some points but mostly sounds shitty to me

    1. You’re absolutely right about the sound which is truly excellent. But unfortunately also about those tiny knobs. Don’t despair however, there will be an editor for iOS sooner than later with big sliders and knobs etc.

  2. white pants, yellow speakers, cute wood end cheeks. Wasn’t really caring for the character of this synth from the other demos but when I got to 3:40 I got a good tingle impression.

  3. And a cute, little Radio Shack Y-adapter! Mini to dual RCA no less. Add this to the mammoth size and it just screams “professional”, musical instrument. Sure it sounds ok. Sounds like a synth. Sorry, I just don’t understand this whole synth-as-toy thing. I’m not saying you should let that stop you, its just not for me in any way. This stuff all looks like it was made by Mattel.

    1. man you gotta have those RS Y adapters! Had no idea i ever would feel nostalgic for them. It makes me a little bit sick to see them too. I commiserate. Yet 1/8″ is the people’s connection (apparently)!

  4. Why Roland chose a proprietary format for Boutique instead of Eurorack/19″ format alike the System 1m (knobs a bit larger) is still beyond me. Same circuitry. Go figure. Went to a store, really tried to like the boutiques, yes, they are sturdy , solid and look good but the knobs and sliders, it’s too small even for my little fingers. Frustrating from the 1st touch.
    Boutique W: 300 mm , H 128 mm D 46 mm
    Aira: W: 427 mm, H 129 mm, D 70 mm

    1. Just pretend you’re repairing a wrist-watch. I think the lil knobs may be more functional than the sliders (esp those micro JP-08 ones) but still you may get pinchy finger syndrome. Can i just control everything over MIDI CCs instead?

        1. Then why not release a 4HP Eurorack with MIDI I/O, a bunch of CV I/O an On/off button and a display without any other controls? Make it much less expensive as well. It won’t look like a collector item though. Bottom line, Boutique Form Factor is the worst choice between a full eurorack and a module. The worst of both worlds.

  5. It’s proficient, but this is yet another sterile and stereotypical sounding demo. I can almost predict what style and progression he’s going to do next. If you do a demo can you at least do one that sounds different from the 500 other ones out there? This just sounds like any other synth this way. Maybe it’s the synth, and it just lacks something. But, I do think there is a quality to it, and in the right, albeit tiny hands, I think some magic can be created with it.

  6. Lately I feel like when I was a child and there was a toy shop in front of my home where there were too many toys I would like to have and I just didn’t know what to buy… Nothing has changed, only today I’m in front of a computer screen instead of a toy shop showcase…

    1. I feel you on this one. So many good options for hardware right now.

      I am liking this SE-02 over the Behringer Model D mostly for the ability to “recall/save patches” (512 total).

      A synth with no patch memory is a serious waste of my time!

      1. I totally agree on this. I have a (Korg) ARP Odyssey and it’s beautiful, almost… alive (for a machine) but whenever I found a good sound after various experimentations I’m reluctant to move away those faders from that sweet spot… even if I instantly grab my smartphone to immortalize their position… it’s such a pity! So I use iOdyssey on the iPad and keep the “original” for idolization purpose only. No, I’m just kidding…

        1. Was reminded before by folks saying the ARP could not have digital pots and MIDI CC and sysex for patching because yeah… it’s analog. yes, just (NOT) kidding.

  7. Yeah this thing is extremely bad ass for sure.

    Roland was smart to get the SE dudes on board. Has a totally different filter and envelope snap from the classical Roland sound. Classical Roland is a great sound, but it’s excellent to branch out.

  8. did someone say previously that this was gonna be their take on minimoog recreation? well, it didn’t sound like a moog at all in this demo, sounded like an average vst synth except for the few brief moments. but maybe it’s just the demo guy’s fault, go figure..

  9. Hope they will make these mini keys at least 50% smaller in future revisions and add a pair of chopsticks for increased playability.

  10. Is the size of the switches, nobs, and fades on these Rolands really much different from many modular pieces, which have the added mess of cables in the way? In any case, the old ‘these are toys and not for serious musicians’ refrain is so tired.

    1. Roland is well capable, but looks like their Aira group is down scaled, eliminated or moved to work on the Roland Cloud where they created a new name for VA that is DCB. For hardware, this Aira group, or what is left over, are just repackaging ACB into collector item enclosures (TB-03, TR09, TR-08) or changing the front plate ( SP-404A.) and call it Boutique and will likely do that for DCB as well.. No updates for any Aira (the DJ line of products) systems for long while they could do so much more wih it. (Even not more and expected plug-outs for the System 8) They do have another , the traditional synth, group making others products like JDX’s, RD2000, Integra, V-Piano, Supernatural etc.. and their MIDI implementations and documentation is excellent as what it has always been in the past (also for analog synths) but a far cry from the garbage MIDI, updates and documentation the Aira /Boutique group delivers.

  11. My dear haters, I think Kebu has done this video because he finds the little machine pretty amazing, but who is he ? Compared to you, just an amateur…

  12. I’m impresssed. The latest demos for the Model D are sounding good too, but I really like the additions of patch memory, built in delay and sequencer. Well worth the price difference.

  13. It’s funny how people are comparing synths.

    Also funny when people comment on the sound of ‘the’ synth when its bathing in external FX.

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