PPG Infinite Now Available

Wavetable synthesis pioneer Wolfgang Palm has released a new software synth for iPad, PPG Infinite, that he says goes beyond the limitations of his earlier designs, by letting you control both the amplitude and frequency of overtones over time.

“This has always been my dream,” says Palm. “A system which can reproduce all kinds of sounds and transform them into a universal set of parameters. Thus all these sounds are completely morphable.”

PPG Infinite Sound Demo:

Key Features:

  • New system which can synthesize harmonic and inharmonic sounds
  • Morpher – X/Y controller which morphes 5 user selectable sine resources
  • Noiser – X/Y controller morphing 3 noise resources and performing modulations
  • Molder – acts as a digital filter with any amaginable filter sweeps
  • Two detail editor pages for the Sine resources featuring a 3D display
  • Import WTS and TCS files from the iPad WaveGenerator and WaveMapper
  • Import Phonem utterances and use them in the Infinite Molder
  • Versatile matrix system – allowing 16 sources to control 40 parameters
  • 10 Envelopes, for control of filter sweeps, waveform, noise and many modulations
  • 4 LFOs which can be freely routed via the matrix
  • Delay/Reverb effect
  • Overdrive/Distortion effect
  • A/B compare your edited sounds
  • AU extension – run multiple Infinite instances in AU hosts
  • IAA – inter-app audio support
  • Audiobus 2 with statesaving
  • Export audio to AudioShare
  • Preset browser with new listing filters
  • Directly accessible context help for each module
  • Freely configurable schematic keypads
  • 4 Keypads play modes: Poly, Mono, Legato and Multitrigger
  • 4 MIDI modes: Omni, Poly, Mono, and Voice-Per-Channel

PPG Infinite Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

PPG Infinite is available now in the App Store for US $19.99.

14 thoughts on “PPG Infinite Now Available

  1. Excellent!

    I bought iPad Pro for synths and I am very pleased to see a bit of a new wave of iOS synths rising.

    Also, AU support!?! Yes sir!!!

  2. His synths are brilliant of course, but I have the hardest time learning to navigate them… never getting comfortable enough with the controls to go deep. Especially Phonem — Clearly there is a world of sounds to discover but getting precise results is so labor-intensive.

    I guess it always comes back to the rewards from putting in the time.

  3. Will it work on an iPad 4 or do I need to buy a new iPad to run this program?

    These days its hard to tell. Waldorf says that it runs on iPad. But the last time I bought an ap that said that, I LATER discovered that it needed more iPad than I have.

  4. Loving this app has a nice and rich digital sound. Wolfgang is definitely killing it with his ios apps. I just hope there is more beyond infinite… Maybe hardware ? 🙂

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