Corsynth Frequency Divider + Multiplier Hands-On Demo

Spanish modular manufacturer Corsynth shared this hands-on video demo of their Dotcom-style 5U Frequency Divider/Multiplier.

The C103 Frequency Divider / Multiplier MKII features two frequency dividers and two frequency multipliers. It generates four new signals from your source signal, with frequencies one / two octaves higher / lower than the original input.

The MKII version features four built in mixers , individual outputs and a new voltage-controlled distortion circuit with independent output. Additionally each divider and multiplier stage has his own level potentiometer

With these additions the divider and multiplier circuits can be used independently. For example a VCO can be connected to the divider to use it as sub-octave generator and a LFO can be connected to the multiplier to get synchronized modulations.

Pricing and Availability:

The C103 Frequency Divider / Multiplier MKII is available now for 255 € + VAT.

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