Man On The Living Road – Live In Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia based ‘experimental post-rock’ band Man On The Living Road shared this video, capturing a live performance of In Square.

The performance was filmed at ARTKA festival in Colombia (which features live electronica acts).

Performed By: Diego Pinzón, Vocal – Synthesis, Guitar Jaime Coy – Bass – Synthesis Jorge Cruz – Drums Matias Jimenez – Visuals

Technical Details:

Visuals were produced and processed in real time by Jimenez, using Resolume and a Hi definition web camera. The drums are an electronic drum kit, processed in Ableton Live.

The performance also features iPads, using Mellotron m3000, Turnado, Bias FX & Waldorf Nave. Sequenced using Ableton, some parts processed via a Korg Kaoss Pad 3 and a VoiceLive GTX.

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