Ulrich Schnauss Live Session

This video, via Soundcheck.tv, captures a live performance by Ulrich Schnauss.

Here’s what they have to say about the live session:

“A super-focused Ulrich Schnauss was a man of few words. Instead he let this mind-blowing electronic live set do the talking. Sit back and enjoy the journey.”

Schnauss has a long solo career, in addition to his work in the latest incarnation of Tangerine Dream.

For a behind-the-scenes look at how he makes his music, check out this studio tour from FM:


13 thoughts on “Ulrich Schnauss Live Session

  1. Nice. Not bad. Looks and sounds like all studio-prepared clips and tracks with a little live mixing. In between DJ-ing and actual live improvisation.

  2. I think that even with the trendy whipping the hand away like the buttons are hot, this really isn’t “live” or visually entertaining in any way. Music is nice ,but ….

  3. few words . there was a separate video of him talking for 10 mins
    i would have been like heres my music hope you enjoy


  4. Ulrich’s mastery is really in creating the music, not performing it. Even he will admit that performing it is a bit odd. But people want to see him perform and it’s his best outlet to make money. I have no problem supporting that.

    1. …exactly. I would go so far as to say he’s probably a bit embarrassed by this clip. Most people get it though… He never claimed he was performing some great live pa, someone else recorded it. He’s very uncomfortable with the controller & Ableton obviously didn’t have much time with it.

      1. This points out the difference between a “musician” and a “performer” I think. Really amazing and talented musicians get paid squat while elbow waggling “DJ’s” just press PLAY and make millions. Mainly because they are performers.

        Obviously there are folks that are/do both, but they seem to be more rare

        None of these comments are aimed at nor intende for this clip obviously as Ulrich is the real deal even if he could use a laser show or two to spice things up.

        Or maybe Stonehenge and some dancing midgets.

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