‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘Stranger Things’ In Kebu’s Latest Synth Jam

Synthesist Kebu (Sebastien Teir) let us know about his latest video, which features a live performance from the FedCon Sci-Fi convention.

He prepared a special medley for the event, featuring the Star Wars “The Force” theme and Stranger Things main them. And, since Kebu’s style is inspired by classic synth music, it sounds a bit like Star Wars in The Upside Down via Jean-Michel Jarre.

The footage, via Thierry Miguet, was filmed at a concert two days after the convention.

Star Wars “The Force” theme by John Williams, Stranger Things by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein. Arrangement & performance: Kebu.

6 thoughts on “‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘Stranger Things’ In Kebu’s Latest Synth Jam

  1. good to see somebody keeping the legacy of live synth artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Klaus Schulz and Kitaro and so forth alive in our time… its a bit rare these days

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