How To Use The Novation Circuit Mono Station As A Drum Machine

This video, via loopop, demonstrates how you can use the Novation Circuit Mono Station as an analog drum machine.

The mono station is designed to be a monophonic bass synth and sequencer. But, using parameter locks and some filter and modulation tricks, it can be used to make percussion sounds and atypical beats.

11 thoughts on “How To Use The Novation Circuit Mono Station As A Drum Machine

  1. Still looking good but not for that price. Think it may be one of those units that does a price drop after a year then will sell out. The lack of p-locking the filter is like a WTH moment. You start using it then sit there wondering why you cant p-lock this one thing. Will probably change in a feature update. Stuck with a high pass filter on all your drums.

    1. I have to agree with you on that one, the price point is quite off balance to the offering.
      It looks great, sounds good, but considering all the great gear coming out now at more realistic pricing, I feel like this little machine will be on the sidelines for a while

    1. 299 is the price point I am looking for with this- I would love to have one but I feel like if I was going to add a monosynth right now- I would probably get a monologue considering the price point and usability vs. the other new options out right now (if they were all the same price I would probably go for the se02 though)

  2. i love the original circuit but i totally do not have the gas for this at this price point. great monos are getting easy to find on the cheap and there are much better alternatives for cheap. YES, the sequencing and lights are nice…but i already use the original circuit’s ‘synth 1’ to control a ms-20(or other gear). I feel like they missed much of the customer requests…they nailed the analog part and that is about it. novation should make a circuit big enough to basically be a daw and they have a classic; i know that is a hefty request. make me change my mind! at this point though, i have enough mono in my lyfe.

    1. I’m the same way, the original Circuit is in my mind one of the greatest bits of electronic music makery ever released. I don’t even have the barest inkling of desire for this though. In fact, I’m still not convinced it’s not some photoshop spoof. 🙂

  3. I’m sure this price point was set to keep the company in business. Also, Chris Huggett probably does not come cheap. Nor do the analog components used here, so don’t imagine anyone getting wealthy off these things. I am in favor of synth manufacturers making a good living. We want them to succeed. There’s plenty of room for firmware updates. Even so, interface limitations are fine. I dislike shift + functions a bit, but a simple front panel is also desirable. I think they’ve done a good job and I’m interested in getting some lab time on both circuit models.

    1. You cant justify a mildly overpriced unit with an argument that the manufacturers have to make a living. What would be the balance between a “good living” and a product with a strong feature set. Or the justification that analog adds a extra 2-300 bucks on everything just cause. I know its not cheap to make and they may sell a ton but it was strange to see someone kneel to the big business and pray for firmware updates. I remember when firmware updates just fixed machines, now its like downloadable content that you don’t pay for. The pioneer toriaz released without midi, then turned it on in a firmware update. But they gotta make a living too.

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