MV08 Drum Machine For iOS Inspired By Classic TR-808 Sound

MVStudio recently introduced MV08, a new drum machine for iPhone and iPad that’s inspired by the classic Roland TR-808

Sound Architecture

The MV08 features over 200 16bit 44.1k wav files. On top of the original voice controls, MV08 offers Pan, Pitch and two editable send effects per voice, along with a master 3 band EQ and Distortion.


All of the voice controls can be sequenced per step. Each pattern can be 1-64 steps long and played at either a 16 or 32 step resolution – giving you options to create complex time signatures and long evolving loops.


– Over 218 rich 16 bit 44.1k wav samples
– 60 individual samples for the kick drum alone
– Additional pan, pitch and 2 x send effects per drum
– Deep step editing to create dynamic and evolving rhythms
– Master distortion and eq
– Choose between 16 and 32 step resolution
– Change the amount of steps for interesting time signatures
– 128 pattern slots
– Record and share your sets
– Audiobus, Inter app audio and Ableton Link compatibility

Pricing and Availability

MV08 is available now for US $3.99.

11 thoughts on “MV08 Drum Machine For iOS Inspired By Classic TR-808 Sound

  1. I’ve been underwhelmed by this app. The sounds are fine but nothing you can’t get in other apps. The UI looks cool (you can tell they’re going for the minimal look ala AUM) but it still feels clunky in my iOS workflow whereas apps like Patterning and seekbeats are very smooth and quick. The same folks made Poly so I expect this to be updated into something more unique as I know they’ve got the creativity to pull that. It’s still relatively cheap and worth picking up now, it just won’t be entering my regular workflow until it’s updated.

  2. One of the most solid iOS Drum Machines with the most fluid workflow I’ve felt so far. Outstanding sound and truly unique results via the p-locking. Blown away by this one.

  3. Does this have midi sync and song mode for the sequencer?
    I looked at the support website but could find no details of those two must have features.

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