Audiobus 3 Updated With Ableton Link Support

Audiobus 3 has been updated to version3.0.5, adding Ableton Link support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Audiobus 3.0.5:

  • Audiobus now has tempo controls, and Ableton Link support! Keep Audio Unit Extensions in sync with your other apps, and control your session tempo right from within Audiobus.
  • Bypass Audio Unit Extension effects with the press of a button

Other improvements:

  • Show more detailed progress when clearing big sessions
  • Fixed launch issues with apps like SynthMaster Player.
  • Active session did not recover on incoming telephone call or Siri interruption. Fixed!
  • Fixed endless spinning wheel on MIDI hardware output after loading a preset.
  • Fixed some stuck note bugs.
  • Fixed a crash when saving a preset while a filter keyword has been entered into the search field.
  • Fixed a launch issue when switching between very complex presets.
  • Fixed a “Tap to Fix” issue when many ports of an app were added to a connection graph
  • Require user to reboot the device, if intermediate port cannot be connected.
  • Fixed graphical glitches when switching between presets.
  • Instances of Audio Unit Extensions were not sorted by alphabet in connection panel. Fixed!
  • Fixed an audio glitch when ejecting an input app currently emitting sound.
  • We now automatically remove added pipelines on removing a MIDI output port.

Pricing and Availability

Audiobus is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

6 thoughts on “Audiobus 3 Updated With Ableton Link Support

  1. would like a fix for the faders i noticed when you let go of the fader it drops down slightly
    also the pan knobs would be nicer if they were left and right sliders.

    1. I’m not totally verse in either app, but I own both.
      It’s more about outputs of AUM vs AB3
      AB3 has some more flexibility in this regard.
      There’s a recent video on YouTube that goes more in depth on it.

    2. It allows for ‘easy’ MIDI connections between apps that have been updated with the AB3 SDK as well as MIDI filtering. Also, the AB toolbar is pretty handy if you do a lot of app switching. And AB Remote.

      I don’t really use FX in Audiobus though. My typical jamming setup is AB3->All outputs->AUM. Add effects and do bussing, etc, in AUM.

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