IK Multimedia Teases New Music Production Station

IK Multimedia shared this teaser video for a new all-in-one music production station.

Here’s all they have to say about it at this point:

A whole new meaning of plug and play. The all-in-one music production station that goes anywhere you want. Discover it August 24, 2017.

It’s clear from the teaser video that they’re teasing new hardware – but it’s not clear if it will be a complete standalone workstation or something that works with your computer.

Check out the teaser and share your thoughts in the comments!

Update, via the comments: Looks like they may be teasing the IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O:

18 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Teases New Music Production Station

  1. Considering they only wanted is to see a few inputs & outputs, a row of knobs, and some up/down arrows, I’m not that excited. The fact that it is IK doesn’t inspire much excitement either.

  2. This is backwards tech. M audio made quite a few of these. If it’s Bluetooth then I’ll bite my tongue. I’m still waiting for a Akai mpk mini Bluetooth

    1. Do you mean midi keyboards with audio interface?
      No they don’t have any of them in market.

      Or do you mean just midi keyboard?
      Every one makes them.

  3. I would never buy IK Multimedia products ever again. Their attitude is rotten to their customers. Plus, they make cheap unreliable products like that guitar irig that bled audio while recording. Please. and the iLoud was a joke with one speaker not working some of the time. Even the customers at their forum complained and IK Multimedia blamed careless handling by the customers for the problem. Oh boy.

    1. Being honest, my experience with IK wasn’t good, have the iLoud, which is quite good for a bluetooth speaker soundwise, but many issues plagued the unit. High pitched noise on high-volume, port farts, high battery drain when off and the battery failed after a couple of years. Couldn’t recommend for that.

  4. All in one production station makes me think of something like an OP-1, Octatrack, or a few other things but not really so much what might be a controller.. nothing wrong with controllers either but it’s confusing terminology.

  5. Look here chaps someone make a Fantom Krome Motif in 25 or 37 keys already .

    Koooorg I’m looking at you :
    merge MicroKorg, MicroSampler, Taktile Triton edition, Electribe EMX2, Krome.

    (Wiiiiiv dual Mic in, USB in out, SD card, Sound Import, Touchscreen, USB class compliant, Battery operated).

    Dawg On the road musicians performers from Lady Gaga to Pharrell, HipHop JCole Kanye EDM Dead5aus producers beat makers be all over this : $millions sales and Kudos.

    Novation XStation25 nearly went there ten years ago. Ten years.

    Pick up the baton chaps run like Usain Bolt.

  6. I could use an iPad audio/midi interface keyboard, IF IT HAS 3 OCTAVES or more.

    Also, if touch sensing gizmos in knobs cost more, than what 1 extra knob would cost, I’d rather have 1 more knob. (6 is not good.)

    Also, the pitch and modulation ribbons better cost less, than wheels.

  7. “The all-in-one music production station that goes anywhere you want”
    How the adult industry ruined music gear marketing.

  8. fake news by ik multimedia: how can it be a “workstation” when it doesn´t come with a sequencer??? from their website:

    DAW-ready of out the box

    Works right out of the box with popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software like Ableton Live, Studio One, GarageBand and Logic. iRig Keys I/O is the plug-and-play production solution that sets up easily taking the time and worry out of configuring multiple devices, simplifying your setup and allowing for more focus on creativity.

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