‘Woodstock Of Electronic Music’, Northeast Electro-Music Festival, Coming Sept 9-10

The Northeast Electro-Music Festival, described as the “Woodstock of electronic music,” is scheduled for Sept 9-10 in Homer, NY.

Now in its thirteenth year, this year’s gathering will feature two full days of electronic music concerts, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, jam sessions, video artists, and a mini swap-meet.

There will also be a hands-on “Synthesizer Petting Zoo,” with various rare and odd synthesizers, drum machines, and other pieces of electronic music gear. Organizers recommend that you bring your own headphones.

The NorthEast electro-music Festival 2017 is being hosted at the The Center for the Arts of Homer, in Homer, New York.

Event Details:

  • Where: Center for the Arts of Homer, in Homer, NY (near Rt. 81 Exit 12)
  • When: Saturday, September 9, 1:00PM – 11:30PM Sunday, September 10, 12:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Tickets
    • $10 for a One-Day Pass
    • $15 for a Two-Day Pass
    • $5 Suggested Donation for Center Members
    • $5 Suggested Donation for Students

More information, including a complete schedule of events and information on performers can be found on the Festival site.

Musical Artists / Groups:

‘Alexander + Dorschel
Arthur Loves Plastic
Audio Mace
Tom Bruce
Robert Dorschel
Escape Velocity
Benjamin Mauch
Harrison McKay
The Melting Transistor
Modular Church
Pallid Mask
Mario-enrique Paoli
Project Ruori
Andrew Sblendorio
James Spitznagel
John Trudeau
Joe Belknap Wall

Visual artists:

Steve Mokris
The Rainbow Connection
Special Agent Aguam
Robert Dorschel
and others TBA

Seminars, Demonstrations, and Workshops:

Synthesizer Petting Zoo
Howard Moscovitz – General Topics in Composition (Electronic & otherwise)
Andrew Sblendorio – Intro To Music Processing
Mike Hunter – Intro to Modular Synthesis
Tanya Thielke – Workshop on Creativity
and others TBA

via Robert Dorschel

17 thoughts on “‘Woodstock Of Electronic Music’, Northeast Electro-Music Festival, Coming Sept 9-10

    1. We wanted to make it totally worth it. In past years, it was $25-$30 a day. But now that this site is way more publicly accessible, the price has dropped. We hope to see folks from the island of all things synths upstate, Ithaca, to come in numbers.

      Whether that happens or not, it’s an event worth beholding.

  1. Ugh! I live close enough to drive to this but that’s the same weekend as KnobCon. Would love to have gone to this as well 🙁

      1. It’s nuts right? You’d think before someone organizes one of the few synth/emusic shows in the USA, they’d say “hmmm I wonder if there’s anything else going on that same time” BEFORE YOU SCHEDULE IT?!

        1. This is the thirteenth year for the NorthEastern version EM Festival (first year further Upstate, used to be 80 miles out of NYC, and before that it was in Philly).

          KnobCon is only, what, in it’s sixth year? But I’d still love to get to it someday.

          EM Festival is more about the performances, KnobCon is more about the gear, IMO.

  2. Folks commented more than once about it being the same weekend as KnobCon. We’re an older event than KnobCon, BUT, and I stress, we are not a competitor.
    E-M Festivals are more performance-centric, KnobCon is more gear-centric. In the long run though, we’re all part of the same family: we are all lovers of all things synthy.
    If you miss this one, note that there are two other Electro-Music Festivals each year; one in May in Asheville, NC, and the other is in Indianapolis in August, each year.
    As an organizer, someday I will make it to KnobCon myself to say howdy to Suit & Tie Guy.
    ALSO FWIW, Suit & Tie Guy has played at the Indy EM show several times, so truly there is no animosity between events.

  3. Robert looking forward to seeing you again: Long Island will be there 😉
    To the followers of KnobCon give it a try. Great people, Good times and excellent memories. As we all know in Music change is good!

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