Acid Techno Production With Posthuman

This video, via FACTmagazine, features Josh Doherty of Posthuman, racing against the clock to create an acid techno groove. 

Video Summary:

London duo Posthuman were at the forefront of the 303 revival long before it was fashionable. They’ve been making acid techno since 2001 and run a record label, radio show and club night called I Love Acid, which turned 10 this year.

Posthuman’s Josh Doherty rose to Against The Clock’s 10-minute challenge at his studio in London, where he created a thumping bassline using his Bass Bot 303 clone, Roland 707 and Fruity Loops in his signature acid style.

7 thoughts on “Acid Techno Production With Posthuman

  1. “2001…forefront of 303 revival before became fashionable”.
    No disrespect to the artist but I have to call BS on people trying to rewrite history. There have been 303 clones since the early to mid 90’s, we’ve had MB33, TransistorBass, FR777, and ReBirth in 1998 etc. 303’s were already $900+ in 2001. People were bitching to no end to stop with the 303 just like they do today. They also arguably has been no ‘revival’

  2. Acid sneeze!!! ? that added a cute touch

    Nice to see FL Studio in there.

    Wicked little jam, there is no better feeling of watching and hearing a track while in the making

  3. You could hardly call this acid techno. And those chords are incredibly not in tune with his 303. Not too mention the rubbish he was spouting about “before 303s became fashionable”

      1. Exactly. Liberators & co. were and are at the forefront of acid techno pre 1995 to the present day. That aside the vid is decent enough.

  4. the 303 revival was already fashionable when Rebirth was developed back in 1996.. which is why it was developed in the first place

    also, the whole hipster cliche of “i was into it before it was cool” needs to just fucking die already… even if its completely true, its not going to win you anymore “street cred” points to run around preaching it from the rooftops…

    and i gotta wonder if the artists themselves would even classify themselves in that way, or if its just some publicist or just FACTmagazine trying to pump them up

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