Native Instruments Updates Maschine Software With Isomorphic Keyboard, Monophonic Bass Synth

Native Instruments has released an update to their Maschine software. The free-to-users Maschine 2.6.8 update introduces a monophonic bass synth and an isomorphic keyboard.

The new Maschine bass synth allows users to design and shape bass tones directly from the hardware with intuitive, fully-automatable controls. Users will be able to morph easily from sine to saw to square to create their own unique sounds. Users can also load professionally-designed presets to get bass tones for any genre. Maschine Jam users can also program the “signature glides and accents of classic acid” directly from the hardware.

The bass synth does not replace extant NI products like Massive and Monark. Rather, the new bass synth decreases the barrier to entry, allowing users with limited knowledge of synthesis to create attractive bass tones using the workflow they know with Native Instruments’ “acclaimed DSP expertise.”

The Maschine 2.6.8 update also introduces an isomorphic keyboard mode to easily play harmonies and melodies on the Maschine JAM 8×8 grid. In this mode, the notes on the keyboard are only the notes from the scale. Additionally, each chord has its own hand shape – regardless of key – so that users need not know musical theory in order to play with perfect pitch. A chord guide is available as a free, downloadable PDF to help kick-start users’ learning process.

Pricing and Availability. Native Instruments’ Maschine 2.6.8 is available now, and is free for Maschine 2 owners. For additional information, look to the Native Instruments website. The free chord guide PDF can be found at this link.

17 thoughts on “Native Instruments Updates Maschine Software With Isomorphic Keyboard, Monophonic Bass Synth

  1. what a joke. people are pleading for arranger for years now and they keep stuffing features no one asked. NI is definitely the most ineptly run audio company in recent years. they had a minor revolution with 1.5 and let the userbase dwindle.

    the only thing they are proficient in is writing open letterns on their forum. utter disgrace and i am sure as hell not buying into the komplete pyramid scheme any longer too.

    1. Right! I really cant understand why they haven’t implemented audio tracks. I assume they want their software to differentiate from every other DAW but to omit such a basic feature of a DAW and to call themselves a DAW, its just odd.

  2. Despite limits in workflow that Maschine still has, that I confide at NIs will improve soon, this instrument sounds amazing and it is very straightforward to tweak. It allows to create not only 303/SH-101ish sounds.
    Together with Drumsynth gives the opportunity to create great grooves in a second.

    Thought this synth is welcome, now it’s time to make the arrangement easier. NI give me the desire to finish a whole track only inside Maschine, without external DAWs…

  3. Come on NI. Un-thether away from a computer. You already make great hardware, all you need is to generate sounds without the computer.

  4. There’s usually a divide between those who prefer working in a linear daw and those who enjoy using a groovebox/pattern based workflow. I started making music 20 years ago on a Roland SP808 and eventually made my way to working in the box (using Cubase since 2002). I feel comfortable in both environments, but I also recognize their entirely different. When I first bought Maschine it just made more sense to me… it felt like coming home. I’ve always been used to that workflow. Maschine isn’t trying to be a standard daw with every feature thrown in. That’s what I love most about it.

    Personally, I think the best update they’ve made so far was 2.6.5 with the ideas view. I can arrange things way faster than before so that was such a huge surprise. The only thing Id love to see would be a cleaner way to draw automation in than auto-write. Anything else is just an added bonus.

    1. Yes, I agree maschine has a very hardware like feel to it. But there are very basic functions that are missing. Polyrhythms would be a versatile addition and also note lenght or gate function accessible from the controller . Weird thing is, I have these basic commands on my beatstep pro.


  5. Maschine still has massive potential- though it certainly needs to become an untethered audio in Self contained maschine-
    That really is the future – i7, 16g ram self sufficient beast – I’m perplexed tha no company yet has strived to go down that route instead of stalling i would happily use and pay for that kind of set up !
    Oh also touch screen please – grab your bollox native instruments and lead the way …
    Before someone else does !

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