Vox Releases New Vox Continental Organ

50 years after its original release, VOX has introduced a new version of classic Connie organ, updating the original combo organ with a wider range of sounds and updated performance options.

The new VOX Continental allows for instant access to all features from the convenience of the front panel. At the heart of the interface is a multi-ribbon LED touch strip which allows for adjustment of a variety of parameters such as drawbars, EG, LFO, EQ and more.

VOX Continental takes after Korg’s powerful Kronos and Grandstage models by housing multiple engines, each dedicated to providing a specific family of sounds.

  • The organ section consists of three engines: VOX Transistor, COMPACT and CX-3, each meticulously mirroring the sound of the original models;
  • The EP-1 engine focuses on electric pianos, SGX-2 provides incredibly expressive pianos;
  • AL-1 delivers polyphonic and solo synth sounds both modern and classic; and
  • HD-1 features PCM-based instruments across multiple categories.

The sounds are organized into four parts, each with a dedicated section and settings on the control panel.

Organ, Electric Piano, Piano and Key/Layer sections can be combined to create layers. A dedicated valve drive circuit utilizing Korg’s Nutube technology provides can also be used to add ‘warmth’ and harmonic distortion to the overall output.

Each VOX Continental comes with a custom, sturdy A-frame stand and a V861 volume/expression pedal. The stand is fully height-adjustable and features an angle-adjustable tier.

Video Intro:

Pricing and Availability

The VOX Continental 61 and 73- note versions will be available September 2017 for $1999.99 and $2199.99 respectively. See the VOX site for more info.

19 thoughts on “Vox Releases New Vox Continental Organ

  1. Doesn’t look like there is enough room for my Rhodes Piano Bass
    to sit on top of it 🙁

    Sounds good from the video.

    1. External supplies are usually favoured by manufacturers because it means that products don’t have to go through C-Tick approvals for every country that requires them, therefore lowering time to market and production costs.

  2. At those prices, it looks like they’re after a little of that Nord dollar, because there seems to be a lot of Kronos in it. The muscle for covering a lot of live action is pretty evident. It won’t hurt anyone’s feelings to have the stand and pedals in the deal, either. I’m just curious to see how the non-organ sections stand up. Nice design.

    1. The colour too is a hint, someway!
      I think it’s priced fairly high, given that a Nord is less expensive and provides extensive synth e and strings libraries. I don’t know about the sound, but if this Vox features the Kronos engine (just like the Grandpiano, and not like the allegedly Kronos-piano on the Krome), they should be on par.
      Anyway, this Continental and the Grandpiano are very, very similar products, one focusing on acoustic pianos, the other on organs: aside from that, they’re pretty much the same product in a different package. Korg lacked a proper mid/high range, so it seems a wise choice, especially if the market will be able to cut their prices a little: Nord and Crumar now have a serious competitor. The future of Korg’s keyboards is Kronos engine (let’s call it this way ignoring Radias, M3 etc) above 1900$, while EDS-something (read: nowadays’ Triton) below. I think it’s unlikely they’ll release a KingKORG successor anytime soon, but the XMT engine is a great one.

        1. It’s noooot compareable to the new Stage 3.
          This is compareable to the Electro 5D.
          The synth section of the Electro 5D may not be as advanced as the one in this Korg Vox keyboard, but as Nord owner, you have free access to constantly growing huge library of pianos, strings, synths, Mellotrons etc.
          You can customise your Nord exactly the way you want it. The memory is completely rewriteable. How brilliant is that!

          Now….the Stage 3 will run circles around this thing. Don’t fool yourself thinking otherwise!
          I mean….there’s no pitch and modwheel for the synth sounds in the Vox (as on the Electro 5D).
          As for layering and editing of the synth section, the Stage 3 is just a completely different league with it’s A1 engine, Nord’s morph functions etc etc etc…

  3. Nice to see someone give nord a run for their money. I’d need to see the “other” sounds, I really need some strings, tape flute, xylophone, timpani type stuff to round out the package.

    And I hate that stand…..

    But otherwise, this looks a real goer!

  4. Love the way the drawbars are implemented. These would look awesome on a KingKorg 2 for envelope-control too.

    Eventually (in five years or so…), they’ll combine the GrandStage and the Vox Continental in one big housing to give the almighty NordStage even more of a run for the money.

  5. I wish Korg, Nord, and all the other organ emulators would include Gibson G101 sounds. (also known as the Kalamazoo K101)
    The “compact” sounds are close, but not the same.

  6. I don’t know….to me, this is just another keyboard….should have kept the original look with the modern technology….that would have been great…just my opinion !!

  7. So we don’t get the reversed colour keys? A big mistake if that is the case. Will reversed keys be a later option? And what is that awful stand about? I would bin it straightaway. Will have to wait for more detailed reviews before I consider purchasing.

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