Record A Demo At Knobcon & You Could Win A TASCAM Audio Recorder

Knobcon organizer Suit & Tie Guy let us know about something new for this year’s Knobcon, scheduled for Sept 8-10 in the Chicago area.

Knobcon is partnering with TASCAM on the ‘Demo Derby’. TASCAM is providing DP-006 Digital Pocketstudios that attendees can use to record 4-track demos on gear featured at the show. And, if you record a demo, you’ll have a chance to win one of several recorders provided by TASCAM.

Manufacturer-specific rigs will be available in the Demo Derby room, and since the Pocketstudios are battery powered, you’ll be able to take them from station-to-station and multi-track a demo, using any of the available gear.

After you record your tracks, you can take the track to a mixing station, and TASCAM Demo Derby mix engineer (and Youtube talkbox king) Moot Booxle will be available to help you finish your demo with a Track Factory turnkey PC DAW.

A state-issued photo ID deposit will be required to check out a Pocketstudio.

Want to Curate a Demo System?

Knobcon is not limiting spaces for demo systems to manufacturers, so anyone can bring a system for the Demo Derby.

Here are the requirements:

  • The entire system must fit on one table or in a 6’ x 6’ area (you must provide all stands)
  • Systems must be set up before the show begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday, and remain available until Sunday at 5 p.m.
  • Have provision for mixing/headphone monitoring
  • Provide final stereo output for connection to Pocketstudio
  • System must contain needed accessories (patch cables, head phones etc)
  • Must have quick start sheet explaining the basics of the system

Manufacturers or individuals interested in bring a system to the Knobcon Demo Derby should contact the organizers to reserve a space. See the Knobcon site for details.

2 thoughts on “Record A Demo At Knobcon & You Could Win A TASCAM Audio Recorder

  1. Brilliant marketing idea. I use a DP004 for exactly this (capturing random jams with room to overdub). Hope they release them with amount of track detail.

  2. Agreed that’s a wonderful marketing idea and better still, it will be heaps of fun for those entering. Furthermore it will no doubt prove useful to some – as anyone making a track will then have a record of the various bits of hardware that they tested at the show.

    Mental note; if I ever attend a synth show, take a portable recorder!

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