Vermona uniCYCLE Six-Waveform VCO Euro Module

Electronic sound tools creator Vermona have announced availability of their uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator, a six-waveform VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) Eurorack module.

Vermona have adapted and reworked the oscillator circuits from their flagship ’14 ANALOG SYNTHESIZER to Eurorack small-format modular system usage in the uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator, a compact (10 HP-wide), high-performance, and stable oscillator.

Besides classic sawtooth, triangle and square offerings, the uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator generates sine, even, and a special sawtooth with doubled frequency for a total of six waveform outputs. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is not only available for the square wave, but also even (a shape that only has even-numbered harmonics) can be transformed into a sine-like wave, while the doubled saw turns into half-pitched triangles.

There are also six outputs, including LIN FM (Linear Frequency Modulation) and EXP FM (Exponential Frequency Modulation) as well as H – SYNC – S (hard and soft sync).

A space-saving single knob allows access to the uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator’s frequencies in three different modes. Tune either controls the low frequency or audio range, respectively adding or subtracting exactly one octave. In this calibrated mode it provides a ‘dead-zone’ around its center position, making it easy to access all three octaves without needing a center-click.

Pricing and Availability. The uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator is available to purchase through Vermona dealers at a recommended retail price of €289EU / $339 USD. More information is available on the Vermona website.





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  1. I had to give up on my synthesizer project because of tinnitus, but I still have an uncontrollable urge to build a full Vermona modular simply because it looks so great. That’s why I’m thankful that they haven’t released an envelope generator.

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