Intros Advanced Q106A Oscillator today introduced the Q106A VCO, and a new module that combines the features of its Q106 oscillator and the Q141 Aid module.

The result is an advanced analog oscillator that packs a lot of features into a 2-unit 5U panel.

The module also provides a feature not found on the Q106, AC/DC switching of linear and exponential frequency inputs.

Here’s designer Roger Arrick demoing the new module design:

Pricing and Availability

The Q106A is available now for US $288. A conversion kit is also available for $120 to update Q106 oscillators to Q106A modules.

2 thoughts on “ Intros Advanced Q106A Oscillator

    1. Police sirens make noise.

      The lights don’t.

      The oscillators in this video have one red led each, and they pretty much stay constant through the video with some dimming in modulation.

      They don’t flash like a Aira.

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