KVgear Intros Vixen Mixer For Korg Volcas

At Knobcon 2017, KVgear is introducing the Vixen Mixer, described as ‘the first and only mixer for Volcas’.

The Vixen is an eight-input (6 mono, 2 stereo) mixer, designed specifically for working with mobile devices like the Korg Volcas. It features 3.5mm jacks, level and mute and panning per channel, 2 aux sends/returns, main out and headphone out. All in a footprint that’s identical to the Volcas.¬†

It also offers an onboard hub for powering up to 8 Volcas, powered by an external power supply, internal batteries or external mega battery

KVgear plans to fund production of the Vixen Mixer via a Kickstarter campaign, which will launch next week.

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26 thoughts on “KVgear Intros Vixen Mixer For Korg Volcas

  1. I was gonna say scrap the pan pots and save room for aux sends, but they managed to fit two aux ends on that little board too. My current mixer, a 16 channel Carvin doesn’t even have mute buttons. My only concern is that the project gets funded and right when it becomes available Korg introduces the Volca Mix for $150ish

      1. I think he’s assuming the mixer will be a bit more than say $150. After you participate in the Kickstarter and it takes several months to deliver Korg may release a cheaper mixer in the meantime. In this case you’re sort of stuck in a pickle. Such is life. Good to have options. Good luck to kvgear.

    1. I would assume the case is forthcoming if it’s to be ‘in a footprint identical to the volcas’

      I’ve been thinking about the Bastl Dude as a mobile mixer but this might be a better option with a couple of stereo ins…

      Agree with the thoughts about a potential KORG product in this space, too bad that only time will tell!

  2. Hi everybody. I’m Mike from KVgear. The Kickstarter will launch on Sept. 19 and will run for 30 days. I’m going to order the long lead time items late this week. I’ll be in position to ship mixers by the middle of November. Nobody knows if or when another company might make a mixer for Volcas. If it happens, it happens. And if it eventually happens, I’d be shocked if anybody can cram the same number of features into this footprint. The Vixen price will be a bit higher than a Volca. I’ve floated my target price past several people at Knobcon today and they’ve all be very happy with it. I’m not willing to put a tentative number in writing on the internet. But I hope to announce a price set within a week.

    1. Dear Mike, like your stands and this initiative for a mixer. Keep up your work! Looked at your site and saw that you didn’t include a single mention of the little ones from Waldorf (their Rocket etc). Maybe an idea?

      1. Thanks Bert! The Streichfett and Rocket are certainly worthy of mention. I have a big spreadsheet that I use for keeping track of which gear will fit on which stands. The Rocket and Streichfett are on it. BTW, they’ll fit on the Utility M1, M2 and M3 with narrower connector rods (free modification; just email me if you want it), Ramp Rack, and Stiletto. I’ll publish the latest fit check spreadsheet on my website soon.

    2. I’d love a mini mixer like this that’s not 100% Volca dedicated. I do not own any Volcas, but want an awesome mini travel mixer like this. Love the aux sends/returns. Perhaps one without the power hub for Volcas and maybe with midi sync. Something to think about for the future.

    1. Volca sample is stereo as are many other handheld devices you may want to mix together with volcas. The thing that seems missing to me is sync. Would like to see a midi in with multiple sync outs.

    2. The outputs are stereo, even if the signal isn’t and can’t be panned, and some of the volca sequencers will glitch if you only use a mono output cable. Weird, yes, and took some trial and error to figure out what was causing the glitches. I can only assume it’s some internal electronic thing. But for whatever reason you do actually want to use stereo output cables with the early volcas at least.

      1. Hi there, the outputs on the volcas are not stereo. they can cause phase issues if you use a stereo cable connected to a balanced mono input on a mixer. as far as i know only volca sample and volca fm (in chorus mode) are stereo.

        1. oh my bad, they are stereo output but unbalanced… so trouble, if wired to balanced mono input, unless you just use one channel of the stereo signal.

          1. Yes, on the mixer side you have to deal with phase issues if you’re sending it to a balanced input. On the Volca side you have to deal with the sequencer glitch if the output cable is not 1/8″ stereo, even though the synths are for all practical purposes mono. The sequence step can occasionally jump around randomly unless you use a stereo audio output cable. You want to use a 1/8″ stereo unbalanced to two mono unbalanced output cable to avoid the glitch. Another Volca “quirk”.

  3. Saying this is the only mixer for the volcas is just ignoring the fact that there’s already a Patchblocks PBMIX3.
    It may not have the same amount of options, but it’s rechargeable, it has a case and it’s already available.

  4. Just my $0.02US: have you considered a Eurorack version of this that supports mor than just Volga’s? Plus an option container+power supply so it can be stand-alone?

    Your specs seem pretty close to the WMD Performance Mixer; I have one and it is a sweet piece of kit. If you could supply more or less the same kind of function for a lower price, you might have a serious hit on your hands. Just a thought.

    1. At Knobcon I showed a prototype adapter kit for fitting a Volca or SQ-1 into a Eurorack. I’ll have that on the market in about a month. I plan to make a version for the Vixen too.

      The WMD Performance Mixer is expensive, but it has a lot of features. I don’t have any plans at the moment for going up against it. But I do have plans for other mixers once the Vixen is in production.

  5. Thanks everyone for your patience and enthusiasm. The Vixen mixer Kickstarter campaign has now launched. Full product details, photos, a demo video and pricing are available. kvgear.com/products/vixen-mixer.

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