Delorean Dream – An 80’s Style Sound Library For The Novation Circuit

Isotonik Studios has introduced Delorean Dream – an new 80s-inspired sound pack for the Novation Circuit.

Delorean Dream features Circuit Synth Patches, Sessions & Samples. Here’s what they have to say about it:

If you’re familiar with Roland Juno fat brass, warm bass & crystaline bells, get ready for some 80’s Cocktail sounds.

With a Synth fusion of Drive Style, John Carpenter and Depeche Mode this pack will turn your Novation Circuit into a portable 80s box.


  • 64 Synth Presets covering all your 80s needs ( Classic Brass, Arpeggio, Voice lead, Warm Pad, )
  • 64 Drum Samples from fat gated reverb snare to classic drum clap , real charley and disco simmons style tom
  • 32 Sessions divide in 2 Part :
  • 16 Demo sessions with some 80s cover inside ( grab a bottle of red & try to guess them all )
  • 16 Sessions containing famous drum pattern in order to get inspiration quickly

Pricing and Availability

Delorean Dream is available now for US $17.10.

If you’ve used Delorean Dream, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

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