Free Software Synthesizer Emulates Rare Korg PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Full Bucket Music has released FB-3100 – a free software synthesizer for Mac & Windows that emulates the Korg PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer from 1977.

Previous versions were Windows only, but as of v1.1.0, Mac OS X is also supported.


  • Close emulation of behavior and all controls of the original hardware
  • Band-limited oscillators, classic two-pole lowpass filters
  • Resonators section
  • Two Modulation Generators, Sample & Hold
  • Additional paraphonic Envelope Generator
  • Semi-modular patch panel
  • Micro-tuning option
  • Additional tweaks
  • MIDI Learn – all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC
  • Plug-in supports Windows and macOS (32 bit and 64 bit)

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

FB-3100 is available now as a free download for Mac & Windows.

If you’ve used FB-3100, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

22 thoughts on “Free Software Synthesizer Emulates Rare Korg PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer

  1. You already covered this on July 17, its even in the related links, but this plugin is worth mentioning more than one. All his other stuff are great too.

    1. JMT – thanks for the feedback.

      The previous version was Windows only, as noted in the earlier article.

      I updated this article to avoid confusion.

  2. I can vouch the previous post was windows only, I just searched for a ps 3100 vst recently on google & got the july synthopia article that was windows only. Amazing synth so far, anyone know how to safe custom tunnings or upload other scala tunings? Prob get in touch with developer if no one knows..

  3. Very nice! Just spent a couple of hours playing it and I already programmed some cool sounds. The midi learn worked easily. I was fortunate to play the PS-3100 and 3200 when I worked in a music store (decades ago!) and this VST sounds very authentic!

  4. Hey this not only works fine in Reaper on OSX 10.6, but it has microtonal presets. The presets are limited to 12 note octave scales only. However, each of the 12 note classes are individually sequencable VST parameters. This means you can assign them to knobs and play them in real time where they change the pitch of all sounding notes of a pitch class, and you can record and play back the result. All smoothly and glitch free, which took them some doing. You can tune scales by ear, and change the intonation while you are playing of individual notes using controllers allowing for the same sort of dynamic extended intonation such as Bach would do when he’d reach inside the harpsichord while he was playing and tweak a note so that he could modulate into a new key and get exactly the intonation in that key he wanted.

    Also this plugin sounds very good and isn’t too heavy on the CPU. A+++++++. Would recommend.

  5. This plug in may sound good to some people, but if the audio demo posted is anything to go by it’s not got a lot in common with a real PS-3100, which I own.

  6. Very sweet. I did some experimenting and it sounded super. I can`t remember how the original sounds but to be honest i don`t care. At last one not only for windows. Thank you

  7. Thank you very much for offering us such a special and well-programmed synthesizer. Urs Heckman started more humbly and look what he has achieved today. If I think about this Korg emulation and imagine its future synthesizers, I think you are going to become one of the figures in the panorama. Talent and good taste are not lacking.

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