Tangerine Dream – Tear Down The Grey Skies (Music Video)

Tangerine Dream shared their music video for Tear Down The Grey Skies, from their upcoming album, Quantum Gate.

Quantum Gate was started prior to founder Edgar Froese’s death in 2015. The goal was to create a contemporary take on the band’s trademark sound of the 70s and 80s.

The surviving members of the band – Thorsten QuaeschningUlrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane – completed the album over the last two years.

The album will be available starting Sept 29, 2017.

13 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream – Tear Down The Grey Skies (Music Video)

    1. “Sounds too much like Schnauss.”

      Not a problem, here!

      I love his stuff and think it’s cool that, even with a synth band like TD, you can hear when Franke is in the group, you can hear when Schmoelling is in the group, etc.

      To these ears, the music of the ‘Quantum’ lineup isn’t as good as the Franke/Froese/Baumann era, but it may be up there with the Franke/Froese/Schmoelling and Franke/Froese/Haslinger eras.

      Part of it is that they were breaking new ground in the 70’s in ways that no one can today. So, even if the current lineup puts out some amazing music, it’s not going to blow people’s minds like TD did in the 70s.

  1. There is something very boxy and plastic sounding about this and all of TDs albums over the last 10 years or so I think. They just lack the depth, warmth, dynamics, and subtlety of the classics.

    1. That would be the fact that they aren’t muddy like the 70’s releases.

      If you listen to just about any of the 70’s albums, they sound pretty murky. That may be ‘warmth’ to some people, but on any technical measure, those releases had lower dynamic range, more noise and and loss in the high ends.

      I also like the lo-fi vibe of those classic releases, but it hasn’t really been their since the end of the 70’s.

      Listen to their latest live album, though, and you’ll hear a boatload of dynamics, range and clarity! I like the new versions on ‘Live at the Philharmony’. The new versions of ‘Grind’ and ‘Rubycon’ are fantastic.

      1. Well I’m also referring to releases right up to and including ‘Optical Race’ from the late 80s. There was always a depth of sound in the mix, and the choice of sounds were always well thought out. In comparison, these seem highly compressed and harsh, brittle cheap sounds.

  2. pamoo has it right. Tangerine Dream is as much a dynasty as a band. The members have rotated around a lot, but as with King Crimson, the heart of things tends to hold up very well over time. There have been a few lackluster outings over the years, but the current band is perfectly satisfying as a beacon of Berlin. Some people won’t stay with them simply because its no longer Edgar and whichever members they favored more. I just happen to be one who sees a solid line between Atem and Quantum Gate. Besides, T-Dream = Living Gear Lust. Its a synth thing.

  3. Who is this Digdog? I find him amusing – is that the right word for a jester with a balloon who shouldn’t be taken too seriously?

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