Elektron Analog Heat With Overbridge

At Knobcon 2017, we talked with Elektron’s Devon Hughes, and he demonstrated how you can now use the Analog Heat as a DAW effect, with Overbridge.

TheĀ Analog HeatĀ is a hardware effects processor that features 8 different analog stereo distortion circuits, a stereo analog multi-mode filter and a stereo analog EQ.

Details on the Analog Heat are available at the Elektron site.

2 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Heat With Overbridge

  1. I was finally mindful to realize that overbridge demos of it working correctly are always in Ableton. I have yet to get it to be stable with Cubase and Logic. But ableton is perfect. I’ve run an analog rytm, analog heat and an a4 through overbridge in ableton and its great. Tried my analog heat into logic as an effect and its all static. Now they have shifted their business to a paid overbridge version. Anyone else have great experiences with overbridge?

    1. I’ve had a pretty decent experience with my Rytm in Bitwig. While stable, it does beachball more frequently than I’d like, at least in the sound browser, but I should note that it may be due to my system: a hackintosh that has been crashing due to audio kexts (com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily)…

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