Moog Minitaur Eurorack Mod Now Available

Million Machine March has created an unofficial Moog Minitaur Eurorack conversion kit.

The kit features a powder-coated matte black aluminum panel with white epoxy screen-printed graphics, and all necessary parts to perform the conversion.

Two versions are available:

  • 43HP DIY Eurorack Kit – $118.00
  • 43HP DIY Eurorack Kit w/ 6HP Expander for USB and MIDI Connects – $158.00

13 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur Eurorack Mod Now Available

  1. Two questions:
    – Why does the midi “expansion” panel looks like shit while minitaur eurorack front panel looks stunning?
    – When you add the price of both front panels to a minitaur the total (including the minitaur) amounts up to about the same as a M(other) 32. Which of those would you favorite?

    Otherwise: cool idea and professional panel. Hope they won’t get into trouble over printing the original Moog logo at the bottom.

  2. Actually if you pick up a used Minitaur for $375.00 or so and add the kit, it’s like getting it modded for free. As far as the panel, some want the USB and MIDI connectors and some don’t. And with Moog really adding more punch in their last update, kind of the best of both worlds. USB gives you an easy way to change presets easily allowing you to add a ‘performance friendly’ option to your eurorack! But I am biased, and have two of them in my eurorack!
    Including this one.

    This is a one time only run! Never to be repeated. Just for the diehards that want them in their racks and have been bugging me for the last two years since I released the first version:)

    1. Would say, don’t make it a single run. If you can make good panels and mods, then make a business out of modding Moog stuff to Eurorack and create your own brand, since Moog won’t do it. There must be a lot of folks who would not spare their pocket money to get an Eurorack version of this kind of stuff and others what’s only avail in non Eurorack form factors (Roland Boutique 🙂 ) . Would only be careful to put that logo on it, perhaps replace it with your own and change the productname, like MINIMODTAUR.:-)

      1. I appreciate your interest, however I already run two successful business’. I don’t need or want to run a third. There really is no ‘real’ money to be made here. Otherwise someone else would step up and do it. Also if I was a young man in his twenty’s then I might be chomping at the bit for this sort of opportunity, but I am semi retired and just enjoy a challenge on occasion:)

  3. $118 to get the same synth ?? No addition of CV control ? No adaptation of the input and output audio level to eurorack standard ?
    Sorry, but it sounds like a joke to me…

    1. I looked into trying to isolate the LFO, but it is digital and would have required additional circuitry raising the price. I had messed with different pre-amps for in and out stages too, but they tended to color the sound and also raise the price and level of expertise to complete the DIY kit. In the end I decided to keep the kit as bare bones as possible and not to alter or mess with the original Moog sound. The board is primarily digital. No real extra CV control to be had or added. Instead I spent extra time making sure the power alterations were pre-soldered and ready to go so most people could feel confident making that alteration without worry of frying something or blowing up their Minitaur. Most people I talked with agreed with my choices. Obviously you would have been someone who wanted a different focus.

      Personally in my own rack pictured above I have a ‘heavy’ drive circuit I added to the output stage. If anyone is interested in adding it, it really is not hard to solder together with a handful of components. It emulates the ‘drive’ circuit found on the MoogerFoogers.

  4. Please sign me up if another batch is even a remote possibility. I could also help source parts for new kits if the files were available for sharing.

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