Moog Minitaur Eurorack Module Mod


Dave Smith Instruments has gone Euro. Oberheim has gone Euro. Waldorf has gone Euro.

But what about Moog

The company has not introduced any Eurorack modules, so Ninstrument’s Chris Blarsky – who previously created a DIY Moog Werkstatt Euro module – went the DIY route and created an impressive Moog Minitaur Eurorack module, above.

“Looking at what Moog has out in its current product line you can start to easily see euro possibilities,” says Blarsky. “The Euro manufacturers have started to recognize the demand for complete systems, even with keybeds, hence the latest creation (Monolith) from WMD/SSF.”

“I wanted the same, but I really wanted a Euro Moog system of sorts. The Minitaur is the perfect size and after taking it apart, it really is Euro format friendly.”


In modding the Moog Minitaur, Blarsky created a custom panel, brought the audio jacks to the front panel and converted the MIDI In to a 1/8″ jack.

We asked Blarsky about the mod process for converting a Moog Minitaur to the Eurorack format.

“You will need some soldering skills, but really it is nothing too complex,” notes Blarsky. “There are also power concerns. The Minitaur draws more power than a regular Euro module, but once you sort these things out, you have an awesome Bass synth, perfect for the ground foundation point for a portable Eurorack synth.”

Blarsky is planning on bringing his custom Minitaur Eurorack module to the upcoming Denver Synth Meet.

For more information on Blarsky’s Minitaur Eurorack mod, see the Ninstrument site.

9 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur Eurorack Module Mod

  1. ninstruments is awesome. love the mods. chris just build a bunch ill buy one. moog obviously dosen’t want to do it but others can . and i want a moog in my rack.

  2. great mod!!

    is there a plan to make small modules that only act as breakout box ? like the right side of the modded one.

    if it draws too much power, you just need a stronger rack epu or am i wrong ? ^^

    or i split the powerline when entering the case, and use the original epu inside the rack, also the usb plug would be great for entering it with the editor 🙂

  3. Nope. Complete modules only. PSU is always a factor. If you are using linear power supplies, good chance you are good to go, otherwise maybe not. Thanks guys for the words of encouragement. I am putting my life force into this!

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