Native Instruments Maschine mk3 Review

The latest loopop video is a review of the new Native Instruments Maschine MK3.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

The MK3 is a huge step up from the MK2 – it’s the first in the series to include a built in audio interface, has the color screens that are even better than the more expensive MASCHINE Studio product and a few cool features from the Jam.

All in all a ton of fun to use – I think it actually eclispes the more expensive Studio product – smaller, lighter and does more.

Pricing and Availability:

The new Maschine mk3 will be available Oct 5,2017, for EUR 599, USD 599, JPY 72800, GBP 479, AUD 899. See the Native Instruments site for more info.

13 thoughts on “Native Instruments Maschine mk3 Review

  1. One thing I would really like to know is if the MK3 can be connected to an iPad, appear as an audio interface and be visible as a midi controller to apps in its own right? I’m most likely gonna my to buy one in time, but confirmation of that would clinch the deal for me.

    1. You can run Maschine in MIDI mode, and there’s at least a good chance MK3’s audio interface is class-compliant and thus compatible with iOS.

      That said, I think you’d be missing out on a lot given the tight integration you get with Maschine for Mac/PC. What I’d really like to see is for NI to go all-in and port Maschine to iOS.

      1. Yep- long time Maschine user already – but – as you point out, the likelihood of an iOS port would be pretty interesting. If iOS ever reaches the right point of maturity, a question in its own right, who knows? Maybe an iPad hub rather than a Mac Pro hub on stage could be interesting… or not! Time will tell 🙂

    2. Likely not, unless they’ve drastically changed the hardware. While it does have a MIDI controller mode, it relies on the computer connection to make that happen. The Maschine is basically a box with lights, screens, and pads (and now an audio interface) – the computer is the brain.

      Previous Maschines do not work *AT ALL* with the iPad.

      1. I know! All I can say is… I have some nice desktop furniture. I’ve been an owner since 2013. Still – even though Maschine on macOS is good, the MK3 as a device in its own right would have its uses on iOS. As above, it would be interesting to know if a port is on its way 😉

  2. *2 screens – fine
    8 touchsensitive knobs -Touch sensitive knobs didn’t work for me so far … not a practical idea i think.
    *one of this joystick encoders – wow what a workflow revolution 😉 seriously?
    *4×4 pad section – backlit like we know it
    *a lot of buttons – fine
    *a audio interface but no standalone unit – (…)

    not rly like i have to have this …

  3. It’s an attempt at having a product to sell around Christmas time. And Q3. Or an attempt to stir up some attention somehow. I really feel like they will be next to go standalone.
    They took a hit with the maschine jam, so they popped out the buttons and threw them in an old Maschine MK2 case. Used the color screens from the studio and Frankenstein’d it up. + and audio interface to really wet your beak.

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