Dogmatek Intros Arctic Wolf Analog Stereo Phaser

Dogmatek has introduced the Arctic Wolf stereo phaser effect. It offers an analog signal path, controlled digitally, which means that it can offer things like Tap Tempo and Save/Recall. 

Designer Tim Prebble told us that it was made with keyboardists/synth players in mind, features CV I/O and a super-powerful LFO. Here’s an example of it in action with a Nord Elka Rhapsody string synth patch:

Here’s the Arctic Wolf with a Nord Piano patch:

It can also be used to create Leslie-like effects:

It can also be used to process to independent signals, as in this demo:

More demos are available at Dogmatek’s YouTube channel.


  • The Arctic Wolf is a fully analog signal path, digitally controlled Phaser. This means you get lush Analog phasing with all the benefits of digital, like Tap Tempo, Save and Recall and an ‘insane’ sweep range.
  • The Arctic Wolf is capable of much more than just phasing – Get ring modulation, tremolo, stereo Leslie effects and 18dB of Boost.
  • Save to 1 of 8 foot selectable presets to recall at any time.
  • With TAP tempo you can match tempo. There are 5 modulation waveforms to choose from
  • You can hook up another amp to get full stereo phasing and dial in a little ‘UPPER’ and ‘LOWER’. This holds the phasing at its upper and lower apex. Hook the unit up in stereo and let the phase swirl to the left, then… pause… before building wildly across to the right.
  • Recall IN – recall settings with the click of a switch
  • CV in and Out – connect other pedals to sync rate, make the Dogmatek pedal the alpha, or drive with Dogmatek’s RED FOX Envelope Generator.
  • True bypass – or configurable to Boost mode (buffered bypass with upto 18dB of gain)
  • Speed range – from slow ‘classic’ modulation to ring modulation-like intensity.
  • Expression connect – hook up an EXP pedal to control RATE.
  • Up to 18dB of gain!
  • Mono in – Dual output, Mono in – Stereo output, or full Stereo in – Stereo output

Pricing and Availability 

The Arctic Wolf is available now for US $319 (normally $350).

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    1. Hey, we did look at adding Midi, but the majority of the feedback we got was that most dont use it. Hard to keep everyone happy unfortunately. We also ran out of space on the back… 😉

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