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  1. well Mr O was talking about a new poly that used the SEM voice architecture at Knobcon. I believe he said it would have more than 8 voice capability but there wasn’t a lot of extra info.

  2. With a render instead of actual hardware in the teaser.. could it be software? Either that or this is months and months down the line.

  3. It is mysterious, as it does have the original (and I’m sure copyrighted) Oberheim logo. If its not from Tom it certainly has his blessing.

  4. Well it says Power DC, MIDI IN, MIDI THRU, USB etc. on top of it at 0:24. Could be a little missleading for advertising an upcoming VST instrument.
    Says 2×8 voices wich would be really exciting. Maybe Behringer wants to compete with the Rev2 which also has 16 voices topping off Behringers DM12 😀 .

    A bit of a bummer though that they missed the opportunity to move the logo away (to the left maybe) to use the room for the second ADSR in form of knobs… a bit Behringerish too to have to switch to be able to turn the knobs on the different ADSRs.

    So my guess would be Behringers Hardware clone of the OB-X. Added features being 16 voices stackable as two parts of 8 voices. The only thing that speaks against behringer is the very blunt OB-X in even exactly the font of the OB-X. Usually Behringer does some subtle variation to obfuscate the real name at least a little bit…

    1. I’m pretty sure you’re right. Tom said, at Knobcon, that somebody at Behringer had snapped up the rights to the name/logo which he no longer uses (and was owned by Gibson previously), and there was talk, also at Knobcon, that they (Behringer) were working on some sort of low cost clone.

      Given the that video shows the old logo, a logo Mr Oberheim sadly does not have the rights to, it’s almost certainly Uli at work.


      1. Given that the USPTO refused to grant the trademark for OB-Xa to Music Group because of the likelihood of confusion with Dave Smith’s OB-6 registered trademark, Behringer would be making a mistake by attempting to release a product with that name.

        Behringer’s attempt to register the old Oberheim logo was withdrawn at the request of Music Group’s lawyer in the Philippines because of pending civil action.

        Their attempt to register the name OBERHEIM failed as well, in part because the USPTO flagged the similarity of the name with a famous living personality in the industry – Tom Oberheim. Music Group’s trademark applications for ODYSSEY and OSCAR have also stalled in the trademark application process.

        1. This isn’t Behringer! It states on Ask.Audios website that they contacted Behringer and confirmed it was not their product.

  5. What about DSI? They could have done it w/ Tom’s blessing, use his name and logo and recreate the OBX, pay him a %, just like they did the OB6? DSI is notoriously bad at the aesthetic aspect of product literature, renderings, layout/fonts, etc… so it kind of makes sense with the so-so rendering tease.

    1. DSI’s kick at the can is the OB-6, which is very popular. I highly doubt they would confuse (and possibly piss off) their customer base with something like this.

  6. The Oberheim logo belonged to Gibson, but didn’t Behringer register a bunch of logos recently?. Tom’s new synths have his signature as the logo.

  7. …so all points to Behringer.
    So is it based on OB-X or OB-Xa? Big difference.
    I’m assuming OB-Xa using new cool audio IC’s. Calling it OB-Xneo doesn’t make this clear. I guess just wait for more details.

  8. Uli said there where multiple synth departments working on multiple projects all at the same time… meanwhile, as long as the denying statement doesn’t come straight from Uli Behringers very own lips, I have no reason to believe ask.audio’s website!

  9. I’m thinking it’s Pioneer. They fux w Dave. Dave could hook Tom into that loop. Pioneer has the clout, drive, possibly those encoders too. They could come to agree on something like this.
    It would look sweet next to my OB-12 and OB-6….
    That being said, uli, I’ll take two!

  10. We haven’t heard from the Brashears kid in a bit, perhaps this is him working with a larger outfit to get his OB-X clone out there. He is into encoders.

  11. Let’s face it, who gets excited about software synths? I think it would be pointless to tease a software synth, the reveal would obviously be a huge let down after seeing what Behringer has done with the Model D clone. I have a hardware synth hunch and looking forward to whatever this is!

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