Embertone Intros Joshua Bell Violin

Embertone has introduced Joshua Bell Violin, a new solo violin virtual instrument, created in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning violin virtuoso Joshua Bell.

Joshua Bell Violin features the sound of Bell, playing his rare Stradivarius, carefully recorded in a great space, more than 20,000 samples, programmed with ‘an insane amount of detail’ and packaged as a virtual instrument for Mac & Windows. 


  • True Legato – Embertone recorded every possible note-to-note transition throughout of the range of Joshua’s Stradivarius… in 12 different styles. Bow Change, Slur, Portamento, with different speeds and dynamics.
  • The Sound of a Virtuoso – features 20,000 samples of Joshua Bell
  • Customizable –  articulation assignment system lets you tailor-make the instrument to the performance style you prefer.
  • Keyswitching, CC’s, Aftertouch, Velocity, Playing Speed, Pitch Bend, and more
  • Intuitive Performance – humanization controls that allow you to alter tuning based on speed, interval and attack, as well as a bow/slur switching system.
  • Natural + Modeled Vibrato – Embertone recorded full sets of vib and non-vib performances, so that you can choose what you want.
  • Standard + Unique Articulations – Legato, sustains, staccato, spiccato, tremolos, trills, harmonics.
  • Ricochets, super-flautando sustains, tasto + ponticello sustains, and even true-legato harmonics (bows, slurs and portamento)
  • Pristine Sound – recorded at the former Avatar Studios (now owned by Berklee), with award-winning engineer Richard King leading the sessions.

Pricing and Availability:

Joshua Bell Violin is available with an intro price of US $179.

4 thoughts on “Embertone Intros Joshua Bell Violin

  1. bravissimo. i’m always particular to anything violin since i’ve played it forever. only thing bothering me is the monster reverb in the preview and not knowing if it’s to mask weaknesses. in any case, amazed by the sheer amount of articulations and malleability here. you’d need a versatile controller to exploit it all in real time. i wonder if it’s MPE capable.

    1. Yea, insane amounts of reverb. Rather than sounding like a violinist in a beautiful concert hall, it just sounds like a (real) violin through too much digital reverb; too long, too much.

      Otherwise, it sounds pretty nice.

  2. **** these whiners. This is the best virtual violin I’ve ever heard, by far, and is a massive leap over the rest.

    This could easily be used in recordings, not just for temp.

    Amazing work!

  3. I just bought Friedlander violin last year.
    This seems to blow it away. Aren’t they cannibalizing sales of Friedlander violin?

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