Heavyocity Intros Calc-U-Synth, A Virtual Casio VL-Tone

Heavyocity has introduced Calc-U-Synth, a new virtual instrument, inspired by theĀ Casio VL-Tone.

Calc-U-Synth is an emulation of the Casio VL-Tone, a digital calculator/synthesizer hybrid released in the summer of 1979 and manufactured until 1984. The VL-Tone can be run in one of two main modes: calculator or synthesizer.

The synthesizer is a monophonic instrument that has 5 preset sounds, as well as a user-programmable 6th slot called ADSR.

Calc-U-Synth was created using the Reaktor Blocks framework, which means that if you own the full version of Reaktor, you can incorporate the blocks into your own creations.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Calc-U-Synth is available now for US $19.00. Reaktor or Reaktor Player is required.

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