New Mellotron Rack Extension for Reason, ChamberTron RE

GForce Software has introduced ChamberTron RE, a Mellotron Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

ChamberTron-RE features samples from 35 tape banks from both the original British Mellotron manufacturer, Streetly Electronics, and the GForce Software Chamberlin instrument collection.


  • 35 Notes of Chamberlin goodness
  • Tape reverse
  • Tape half speed
  • Dual Layer capability for mixing sounds
  • Comprehensive synthesis section for each layer
  • Multimode filter for each layer
  • Global Delay and a new Spring Reverb Effect
  • Flexible back panel routing providing a raft of cross-modulation options
  • Thirty five tape banks: Accordion, Bassoon, Bells, Brass – Four Section, Cello, Clarinet – Bass, Clavi, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Hawaiian Guitar, Slur Guitar, Harp Arpeggio, Harp Rolls, Harpsichord, Mandolin, Marimba, Organ 2, Kinura Organ, Acoustic Piano, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Four Saxes, Strings & Flutes, Muted Trombone, Open Trombone, Slur Trombone, Do Wah Trombone, Open Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Vibraphone, Pizzicato Violins, Three Violins, Solo Male Voice & Solo Female Voice.

Pricing and Availability

Chambertron RE is available for a limited time for US $25 (normally $49).

8 thoughts on “New Mellotron Rack Extension for Reason, ChamberTron RE

  1. Great demo, with a colorful bit of history included. Reason users are getting a solid deal IMO, because I’ve used G-Force’s M-Tron Pro in my DAW for 2 years. Its totally stable, while retaining all of the classic ‘tronny graininess we love, including numerous surprisingly clean sounds. The synth controls let you take it into weird areas no real Mellotron could reach. Its good to see that aspect present here. You’ll enjoy warping it into odd, personalized shapes. Chambertron is probably going to tickle the fancies of a lot of players.

      1. No, S-Trigger Dave is my given Australian Christian name. Its on my birth certificate. My parents have Moog logos tattooed on opposing butt cheeks. They think its cute to mash them together at the beach, but its horrifying. They had them done 30+ years ago. Now the tats say “Myoogr.” At least they’re not Korn logos.

  2. I have M-tron Pro as well for years now, and I’m wondering after all of this time is there anything else out there that is better or as good?

  3. BTW, with version 9.5, Reason will accept VSTs, just not in ReWire mode. That’s been a big user request for years, so if you’re using it, its a point to consider when eyeballing a new instrument.

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