Rossum Morpheus Stereo Morphing Z-Plane Filter Hands-On Demo

This series of videos, via Learning Modular, takes a deep look at the new Morpheus Eurorack module from Rossum Electro-Music.

The Rossum Electro-Music Morpheus is a digital filter module that offers over 190 filter configurations. Each configuration is composed of up to 8 complex filters that you can picture as being at the corners of a three dimensional cube.

Morpheus gives you the ability to smoothly interpolate between those 8 filters within the cube’s three dimensional space.

Pricing and Availability

The Rossum Electro-Music Morpheus filter is available now for US $499. See the Rossum Electro-Music site for more info.

6 thoughts on “Rossum Morpheus Stereo Morphing Z-Plane Filter Hands-On Demo

  1. While I love the idea of 190 filters, each with 8 axes of movement…In usage and practice it’s just too many options and variables to make quickly and easily usable!

    Too much surfing presets and too much time spent on comparing this and that.
    I have not used one but just watched videos so perhaps owners can comment about usability?

    1. Start by taking a look at the manual, that will give you a sense of the range of cubes. Personally, I click through until I find one I like (which is really fast), then go from there.

      I wouldn’t want this as my only filter, but I’ve got a rack full of Cwejman, and this is a delicious digital antipode.

  2. Can you just pick which filters (filter topologies?) you want in the 8 corners of the cube and go from there? or does it have the original Morpheus’s basic limitation that you have to choose from a collection of predefined cube arrangements (many of which you may find uninteresting)?

    I definitely appreciate that they now have the processing power to let you modulate all three dimensions in real time, a big advance over the Morpheus. and I love the whole idea — I just want full control!

    1. I once tried to reproduce the basic concept of the Morpheus cube in Max for Live and it took a significant number of modules just to get one corner going, as I remember. it was fun though.

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