Free Patch Library Downloads For LuSH-101, FM8, V-Station & More

Audio Mind Project has shared a variety of patch libraries, previously sold commercially, as free downloads.

The patch libraries available include:

  • LuSH-101 Ultimate Expansion Vol. 1-3 (500 sounds)
  • FM8 Experience (200 sounds)
  • DCAM: Synth Squad Pure Energy Vol. 1-2 (277 sounds)
  • TAL-U-NO-LX Past and Presence (128 sounds)
  • TAL-BassLine Freakshow (129 sounds)
  • V-Station Virtual Reality (144 sounds)
  • TyrellN6 Moonshine (65 sounds)

You can preview the sound libraries and download them via the AMP site.

7 thoughts on “Free Patch Library Downloads For LuSH-101, FM8, V-Station & More

  1. Sid, yeah this is confusing, but they can be free. The shopping cart puts in the recommended price by default. But it’s an editable field. If you change it to “0”, then press update, the sale price will be 0 euros, then you can proceed. It does require name and email address.

  2. For the amount of patches you get, especially for Lush101 and FM8, I’m more than happy to donate a couple of bucks. When you consider the amount of time it took to put these patch collections together, its well worth it.

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