FL Studio For Mac Now In Beta As Native App

Image-Line has released FL Studio 12.5.1, along with a beta of the native, 64-Bit, FL Studio for OS X.

Here’s what’s new in FL Studio 12.5.1:

  • Browser – Samples can be sent from the Browser to the Playlist with (Ctrl+Middle-click) and (Ctrl+Enter). Browser recognizes plugin presets for more Image-Line plugins.
  • Channel Sampling Robot – Now defaults to Shared data folder when exporting a DirectWave program file.
  • DirectWave – Added refresh button to Browser. Now defaults to Shared data folder when saving a Program or Bank.
  • Export – Settings for Project export to Audio file (File menu) and for Pattern render (Picker Panel / Clip Menus) are now saved separately to avoid confusion.
  • Formula Controller – New functions: Atan2, Inter and InterNoSwap.
  • FPC – Rename/Color/Icon/Settings popup-menu when you (Alt+Right-click) a Pad.
  • Fruity Dance – Sprite sheet now has a higher resolution for your 4K viewing pleasure.
  • Patcher – Dramatically reduced CPU usage.
  • Piano roll > Menu > Helpers – Scale highlighting scales renamed to make the menu easier to use.
  • Playlist – New ‘Playlist menu > Edit > Dropping to track header locks to content’ option.
  • New solid color option – View > Behind clips > Solid (so pretty). Drag and drop now shows a ‘shadow’ indication of drop location and length when dragging Clips onto it.
  • 64 Bit/Native Plugins – A number of older 32 Bit VST format plugins have been converted to FL native format 64 bit, including: 7 Band EQ, Bass Boost, Center, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Fast LP, Filter, Flanger, Free Filter, Mute 2, Phaser, Phase Inverter. Resulting in significant CPU savings when used in FL Studio 64 Bit.
    ZGameEditor Visualizer – Option to type in custom FPS for video export. (Right-click) the
  • Frames per second menu.
  • Additional changes & Bugfixes

Details on the update and the Mac OS X beta are available at the Image-Line site.

21 thoughts on “FL Studio For Mac Now In Beta As Native App

  1. Finally!!!!! Feels like its been in Alpha forever!!!! The only reason I’ve used bootcamp on my imac. FL studio is the best.

      1. I’m downloading it tonight. The Alpha build wasn’t bad so im sure the beta version will be more of the same with less bugs and more vectorized plugins.

  2. I am happy to finally see FL Studio come to the Mac, but I think I’ll pass. FL Studio gives me the impression that it is meant to be a DAW for children. The only thing FL studio is useful for is making generic electronic music.

    1. I will admit I have had the same sort of view of FL Studio for years, but I have to wonder if that view is out of date.

      To look at it from the other side, I’ve been a Reason user since version 3, and I’ve literally had people say “wow, you still use Reason?” – but their understanding of Reason is from a decade ago, and they’re surprised to hear about audio workflow, the SSL mixer, Rack Extensions, and VST support. So I suppose I could be the “wow, you still use FL Studio?” guy.

      1. If you’re interested in knowing, all you need to do is check out one of the official “what’s new” videos on YouTube for 12.0 or 12.5 to see what the workflow is like. I’ve been using it since it’s inception in the late 90s, so I never felt like it was out of date. Just a silly name…

    2. Yeah, the only thing pianos are good for is making Beethoven pieces. Its has expanded a ton in the past few years and it wasn’t voted best DAW on synthtopia for a few years by accident. Its a pretty good DAW. But i see where your coming from, once you include a “bus” in your DAW, you get like street cred. Aux Busses have an effect on a musician who feels like the DAW makes the man. Children play video games which has become a milti-million dollar industry with Esports. So in my opinion, childrens toys are the shit!

    1. Yeah, some of us still use software to capture and arrange hardware synths and drum machines. I’ve always liked FL studio, been using it since version 3. Always felt a disconnect when trying to transition to cubase or ableton. FL studio’s effects are just nostalgic even thought they have changed so much. And they sort of got rid of the steps which were perfect.

      All in all, your music will touch software somewhere, even if you master or compress. Unless you know some way to make your music digital with rocks and sticks.

    1. IMO fl’s piano roll with its fast keys and features is the most convinient one from all of the daws i’ve used (bitwig ableton logic cubase). The lack of aftertouch is sad though. They’ll catch up on that eventually. Or is my data outdated?

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