Using A Roland Space Echo RE-201 With Synthesizers

This video, via gstormelectro, takes a look at some of the ways you can use the classic Roland Space Echo RE-201 with electronic music gear. 

Video Summary:

Today, I present the Roland RE-201 Space Echo audio demo w/ synthesizers and a TR-8 drum machine. The RE-201 is a vintage delay effect from the 70s using a tape loop and Spring tank reverb. It’s been used on lots of psychedelic rock, trip hop, alternative, dub, progressive house music and more.

The Space Echo is the only effect used in this demo. This machine has a new 4 meter loop. It also has some wow and flutter, I love that lo-fi quality of this machine.

All audio recorded direct to a Tascam DR-05 thru a Mackie mixer.

Gear Used: Roland Juno-1/JV-2080/SH-01A/TR-8, Korg MS-20 mk1, E-mu ES-32 (Yamaha CP-70 sample), Arturia Beatstep Pro, M-Audio Axiom49.

Topics Covered:

0:00 Radiohead – Lotus Flower, spring tank reverb on snare only
1:00 Introduction
1:43 Portishead – Cowboys, delay on electric piano
2:30 M83 – Skin of the Night, delay on CP-70 piano sample
2:59 Quick explanation of inputs
3:15 Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle, delay on synth glissando
3:41 A look inside and beautiful ladies?
4:15 Tycho – Dive, delay on opening synth
5:18 How I’m using the RE-201 on these examples
5:53 Underworld – Born Slippy, delay on everything
7:13 About this particular machine
7:49 Tangerine Dream – Love On a Real Train, delay on arpeggio

5 thoughts on “Using A Roland Space Echo RE-201 With Synthesizers

  1. This video clearly demonstrates that while the TR-8 and SH-01A are effective digital recreations of their analog counterparts, the RE-20 Space Echo pedal is not.

    I love the tone of my RE-20, but now I just want the real deal even more.

  2. The company which is able to produce such a tape delay for say about $600.- nowadays will be selling lots of those units. They are highly sought after.

    1. You couldn’t even produce a tape machine for $600 today. Not in USA. Maybe in China or Mexico, but there is more money in knocking off iPhones.

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