Vixen Mixer For Korg Volcas Now Available

KVgear has launched a Kickstarter to fund production of the initial batch of its new Vixen mixer for Korg Volcas and other portable music devices.

The Vixen offers 8 audio channels, panning, mutes, 2 aux sends/returns, and onboard power for 8 Volcas.  It can be powered by batteries or by an included AC power adapter. And it’s designed to have the same footprint as a single Volca:

At Knobcon 2017, we talked with KVgear’s Mike Rafferty, who gave us a sneak preview of the Vixen:

Here’s a demo of the Vixen in action:



Channels 1-6

  • Mono 3.5 mm input jack (accepts TR or TRS plug)
  • Mute button w/ LED indicator
  • Gain knob
  • Pan knob
  • Aux Send 1 knob
  • Aux Send 2 knob

Channel 7

  • Stereo 3.5 mm input jack
  • Mute button w/ LED indicator
  • Gain knob

Channel 8

  • Stereo 3.5 mm input jack
  • Mute button w/ LED indicator
  • Gain knob

Aux Send 1 and 2

  • 6.35 mm (1/4″) mono jacks

Aux Return 1 and 2

  • 6.35 mm (1/4″) jacks for L/mono and R
  • Stereo gain knob

Main Out (stereo)

  • Stereo gain knob
  • 6.35 mm (1/4″) jacks for L/mono and R

Phones Out (stereo)

  • Stereo gain knob
  • 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo jack


The Vixen mixer can be powered from any of three sources:

  • External AC-DC power supply included with each mixer.  Depending on your shipping address, you’ll receive a mains power cord for USA, UK, or EU wall sockets.  Customers with other wall outlet types can purchase their own IEC 320-C7 power cord.
  • Internal battery compartment for 6 AA batteries that you provide.
  • High capacity, rechargeable external 9 VDC battery attached to the power input jack on the Vixen.  You will need an adapter plug with a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel plug. Depending upon demand, KVgear might produce an adapter plug.

The power hub and cables will be compatible with the following:

  • ARP Odyessey
  • electribe, electribe sampler
  • KR mini
  • microKORG XL, microKORG XL+
  • microSTATION
  • minilogue
  • monologue
  • monotribe
  • MS-20 mini
  • Pitchblack Pro
  • RK-100S
  • tinyPIANO
  • Volca bass, beats, fm, keys, sample, sample OK GO edition, kick
  • WAVEDRUM Global Edition, WAVEDRUM Mini

 Pricing and Availabilty

The Vixen mixer is available to project backers starting at US $199. Estimated delivery date is Dec 2017. With all crowdfunding projects, you should read the project materials carefully and weigh potential risks prior to participating. KVgear says that it does plan to make the Vixen available via its site, after the initial Kickstarter production run.

33 thoughts on “Vixen Mixer For Korg Volcas Now Available

    1. What about size? batteries? 2 send/return? Without mentioning the power hub… I’m also already sorted with a behringer but you can’t deny this is pure gold (if it delivers)

      1. This is a much smaller foot print than the Behringer and can power your pedals and volcas… I can’t believe it has two aux channels, that’s insanely cool for such a small mixer, my Behringer is atleast twice that size with a couple of extra channels but only one fx send.

      2. * There will be more send/returns
        * Size of 6 volcas is bigger than couple of small or one medium size mixer
        * Battery power is overrated

        No it’s not pure gold, not even near, it’s not providing anything over mixer for $200 but lacks lot of things – for this money you could even buy NEW mixer with 2 aux, eq, gain control, compressor and fx onboard e.g. Behringer Xenyx X1222USB, there are offers from Mackie and Yamaha. Or you could buy several of $25 4->1 mixers and one smaller mixer and route in any imaginable way. Etc.

        1. Why are you comparing multiple mixers footprint with 5 volcas and a mixer footprint?? This mixer lacks lot of things you don’t necessarely need while dealing with volcas/small machines. Instead it offers extremely valuable ones in this context… just simply powering these volcas with no background noise can be hell, man! feel free to disagree, of course, as I completely do with your opinion

  1. It’s cool except for since it is for volcas, it should have a master pulse out that you can split so that you can control a sync across devices, would be handy for Po’s, minijam, euroracks, brutes etc too

  2. The only thing its missing is a clock converter to convert the Volca 2 pulse clocknow into a standard single pulse clock to time other sequencers with via cv.

  3. What I really like in this concept is that it is a dedicated “keyboard” mixer. It offers all that is really needed (for a small setup) and omits pricy things we can usually do without, such as microphone inputs or top notch quality equalizers.
    On the down side, for me, is the scaling (8 input, 2 output) in combination with the price. There are some rack mixers already available with similar or better properties.
    Still this will likely be a very handy device in a volca / boutique similar setup, especially because of its footprint and on-board power supplies for those little boxes.

  4. Seems to be about the right price/featureset to me….The blue….a bit too standalone…I would prefer a. more neutral colour option, like the earlier proto

  5. Oh, I didn’t realize this the first time this was posted. Looks like you can use the aux return 1/4″ inputs as extra inputs if needed. There’s a gain control and everything. 🙂

    That’s 14 input channels, 4 output channels (6 with phones), power distribution for 200 bucks. Within the size of a Volca.

    Not sure if I’m gonna bite but mega props for pulling this off.

    1. Thanks Will! You’re absolutely right in the way you counted the channels. It’s easy to get tricked into narrow thinking when following the way that things are labeled on mixers. It’s really just a bunch of inputs and outputs that can be used in lots of different ways, not just the way that they’re labeled. On my big Mackie mixer I have aux returns going into channel strips, and I feed my looper return and audio interface into the aux returns.

  6. there is basically nothing to complain about in this project.
    several similar ones were started over the years but this one seems closest to pulling it off.

    if i had been able to finish mine, i would have included tilt eqs on the mono channels and used 3,5mm stereo aux send (!) and returns to save space on the right – and for better integration with Korg Mini-KP effects units.

  7. I am on the verge of buying two m400 Behringer micromix mixers in order to save space in my live rig. I will lose monitoring and fx send by doing this. This mixer is insAne! Everything I need except that half my gear is mini jacks and half my gear is full size jacks…

    1. The Kickstarter page actually shows that the production run will be black, it’s just the prototype and a limited run of blue cases.

  8. No tilt eq, no sale for me. I think I’ll get that Koma elektronik thingy instead.

    With 8 channels plus fx coming in, no eq nor filter of any kind can easily result in a big pile of indistinct mush. But kudos for pulling this off, I bet it wasn’t easy.

  9. Damn i missed out on a blue one! Once this becomes a regular stocked item I hope there are two or three options for colours ways. I love the form factor and the capabilities. Yeah I’d dig some eq…but no eq means working harder on the sounds so everything sits well, I think thats a good thing. Its Cool (??_?)

  10. Batteries…Great! power split/feed….GREAT! would be GENIUS if it also could split out a sync to each Volca as well….i mean this is its specific purpose (Volca mixing) and the feed of a sync signal is a big problem in any multiple Volca setup that this could also address. opportunity lost if you ask me

  11. Congrats on getting funded Mike. Wonder if a few different ‘rewards’ might push it a bit and provide a little extra margin for all. Mixer + various stands? Mixer + 4 Volca power cables? Mixer + 1/8″ converters…

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