11 thoughts on “Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream Of Electronic Beats?

  1. Denis Villeneuve seems to believe that “electronic” and “analogue” are mutually exclusive!

    Also: if he is such a great fun of Vangelis as he claims here why he did not have him do the score?

    It is not like Vangelis is inactive (he was finalist for a 2017 Grammy) and it is not like Vangelis does not re-work older scores (he re-worked the Chariots score for the 2012
    theatrical production).

    Oh and the way Johanson was ejected from 2049 looked really bad. The little
    bits of Johanson’s work that emerged sound to me ears 10x better than the
    4-note bombastic “wall of noise” that the new composers did…

  2. Why does anyone think that Vangelis would want to do another Blade Runner?

    EVERYBODY involved with the original has said it was a nightmare.

    And how many artists want to rehash what they were doing 35 years ago?

    PS: Blade Runner 2049 is a great movie, and the soundtrack works within the film. But it’s a functional, ‘safe’ score – not something that people will imitate in 5 or 25 years.

  3. High hopes BR2049 Music Jóhann Jóhannsson.

    Hans Zimmer oh dear : give it a rest.
    Zimmer you could recommended hundreds Electronic Music composers.
    But Noooo you just had to hog it didn’t you Zimmer.

  4. bad enough that my youth gets completely recycled by hollywood due to the lack of and believe in new ideas. i think vangelis as a decent man and brilliant musician most likely would not want to redo what he has done perfectly (at the time) already.

  5. “Do androids dream of electronic beats?”

    Yes, but android’s have about 120 ms of latency. So when you put your android into sleep mode, make sure you set your clock back 120 ms.

  6. Saw the movie in IMAX 3D last night, the pace is ultra slow, and I dozed off a couple of times (that never happens!) – but the end was good.

    I enjoyed the soundtrack in that it was both faithful to the original, but also had new overtones, grittiness, and timbres. I wondered what combination of vintage synths (if any!), samples & modern synths was used to build that soundtrack.

    There were sadly times where it really was a bit of a “Wall of Noise” as the first commentator, Doubter, pointed out.

  7. If you watch this video, you would immediately think the original movie was a smash hit. Ironically, for all of this beard massaging, the movie was a huge flop. I remember asking people for ten years after its release, have you seen BladeRunner, and I would get no response. Now it’s an industry standard. A cult icon. A high water mark. What does this say about what the ‘industry veterans’ know. Can you trust any of these opinions on what is really cutting edge? Somewhere Vangelis and Wendy Carlos are picking out their burial plots, far, far away from us fools.

    1. Blade Runner was crap (there, I said it!) like most RS movies, but the style and soundtrack were influential so that counts for something.

    2. I went to film school in the mid 90s and no one there knew shit about Blade Runner. Or anything at all about Jean-Luc Godard for that matter. Nevermind that the then hot property of Tarantino talked them up.

      A decade and a half later, I co-taught an intro to film techniques class and more than half the class were inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. That says all you need to know about why current films are such garbage.

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