New iOS Step Sequencer, Quantum

Developer Anthony Saunders has introduced Quantum, a performance MIDI sequencer that’s modeled after old-school step sequencers and designed for ‘noodling’. It is an evolution of his earlier sequencing app, MidiSequencer

Quantum’s approach is built around the idea of a step being the focus. You can have any length up to 64, but these can be further split into 4 sub-sequences that have their own set of sequencer parameters (like tempo, play direction, transpose etc).

16 general faders are available which allow you to draw, drag, select copy/paste, inc/dec & link together to edit values. These are also MIDI-learnable (midi cc or nrpn) to allow you to use control surfaces or midi controllers.

To aid you with faster control Quantum has loop actions which you can program in to carry out tasks when a sequence loops – e.g. transpose, randomise, start or load another sequence etc.

With up to 24 sequences playing, Quantum introduces a mixer page allowing you to blend midi velocities. Built on the MidiSequencer engine, midi FX, devices & Controllers are now possible per sequence.

Note: Quantum is a MIDI sequencer and does not make sounds on its own.

Pricing and Availability

Quantum is available now for iPad and iPhone for US $7.99.

19 thoughts on “New iOS Step Sequencer, Quantum

    1. Most every feature in the app can be controlled by NRPN. It also sends that info back out so that your controller will update (presuming it has moving faders or something).

      It can also sequence NRPNs (and CCs). I think it can do up to 4 (or maybe it’s 16) per sequence slot (of which there are 6).

  1. While design is a complete turn-off, the sheer amount of functionality crammed into this app is absolutely amazing. Definitely wishing for a skin to be released soon. Still highly recommended, since UI is intuitive.

    1. It rewards people who can look past the dated appearance and see the depths of functionality on offer for very little $.

      Given that you appear to have not noticed that this is a total update of the original adding a mass of extra features (and more to follow if the dev is to be believed) I’m surprised your eyesight is so sensitive to the GUI.

  2. With a kind of Fabfilter-resque GUI it would be an instant buy for me. But can’t imagine to be inspired by this kind of graphics in 2017. Why do people still copy hardware looks in modern software?

  3. I love step sequencers and use them a lot. For my own use of course I build my own since no one seems to have the right features.

    But I enjoy monitoring developments in the field.

    This one the sliders are clearly 1 octave per panel division, a total of 11 octaves of range. It appears to have about 1 pixel per 100 cents of pitch resolution.

    Alas this is insufficient for the sort of work I do.

    1. To the right of the sliders is the range slider (the green bar). You can set the viewable range of the slider bank there. Zoom in all you like and get whatever resolution you need. Sliders can also be constrained to scales which of course ups the ‘resolution’ as well.

  4. It may be good but I could never use an app with that kind of UI anymore. Just look at the light source shading, it’s all over the place. It creates confusion.

  5. You guys do realize that complaining about the UI of an app you haven’t used when that app is probably the most fun, powerful midi app on iOS means *YOU* are missing out, right?

    I know we all like being inspired by aesthetics, but pull your heads out of your butts for two seconds to consider *functionality*. This app is a beast.

  6. I’m happy with how this and all apps by this developer work. Functional and creative. Rather than comments on fashion from old gits wearing polyester, seeping sourness!

  7. Hello,
    Will Quantum Sequencer work with KORG Mono/Poly and and other KORG Bluetooth apps for iPhone to produce KORG synthesis sounds driving Quantum?

  8. I can’t use software that looks like that. I know I’m shallow, but I lose inspiration by looking at it. I can’t even watch videos about it.

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