Squarp Instruments Hermod A ‘Modular Brain’ For Your Eurorack System

Squarp Instruments – the company behind the Pyramid sequencers – is teasing a new Eurorack module, Hermod, that’s designed to be a ‘modular brain’.

Here’s their teaser video:

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Something new is coming.

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Official details are to be announced for the Hermod, but it appears to offer 8 channels of CV & Gate output, along with MIDI In/Out, USB Host, USB Device & 4 CV inputs.

4 thoughts on “Squarp Instruments Hermod A ‘Modular Brain’ For Your Eurorack System

  1. This is very interesting. I would love to know more about it!

    what’s the effects button for? Midi effects?
    It’s able to make random or generative sequences too?

    1. It looks like its a Pyramid in eurorack format. If yes, there should be Midi effects like in standalone version and thats absolutely brilliant, i see already polyrhythm and other crazy stuff. Well done!

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