Synth Art Volume 1

Ste Holmes is running a Kickstarter project to fund production of a coffee table book of synth-themed art.

Synth Art Volume 1 features a series of  36 illustrations that Holmes created of over the summer:

Most designs end up on tees or travel mugs these days but i wanted something different for Synth Art. I really wanted to see these designs in a coffee table book and thought it would be a nice addition to any studio.

To accompany the book campaign are packs of 5 postcards. I already have these printed and all digital content is ready to ship too. The only outstanding work to be done is the printing of the book itself.

Here’s the official intro video:

Pricing and Availability

Synth Art Volume 1 is being produced via a Kickstarter project and signed copies are available to backers for £40.

One thought on “Synth Art Volume 1

  1. Great photos of synths are art. Make a beautiful large book full of detailed photos.

    Wonky, stylized drawings are for t shirts and coffee mugs.

    Not to mention an awful lot of the examples look like amateur photoshop work.

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