Ableton Loop 2017 Schedule Now Available

Organizers have announced the schedule for Ableton Loop 2017, a three-day event focusing on music and technology, being held Nov 10-12 in Berlin.

Highlights include a session on Leon Theremin’s Rhythmicon; an exploration of Polyrhythms; the Future of Web Audio; Live Track Deconstructions; Coding The Elements Of Dance Music; creating instruments with Motors, Magnets & Motion; Deep Learning & Music; and more.

Workshops include session on Max for Live; Sound Design for Sci Fi; Game Scoring; Wavetable Synthesis; Mobile Recording; synth DIY; East African vocals & rhythms; Using Randomness Creatively; and more.

See the Loop site for details.

5 thoughts on “Ableton Loop 2017 Schedule Now Available

  1. I think they will announce Live 10, hence the date the 10th. I think they will call it Live X because Able”ton” Ten… too many T’s…

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