Roland SPD::One Electronic Percussion Pads Now Available

Roland has announced the availability of the SPD::ONE electronic percussion pad line, a series of compact electronic percussion pads that can be played with drumsticks, hands, or feet.

The four models in the SPD::ONE series run on batteries or AC power and offer feature sets tailored for different musical needs. Common features include a highly responsive pad surface that can be played like a drum, hand percussion instrument, or foot-triggered stomp box. A knob-based interface provides quick access to sound selection, volume level, and other parameters, while side-mounted controls offer easy adjustment of the playing response.

Each model also includes separate main and headphones outputs.

  • The SPD::ONE ELECTRO is equipped with a variety of electronic percussion sounds, including snare and handclaps from Roland’s legendary TR drum machines.
  • The SPD::ONE PERCUSSION comes with a wide selection of acoustic percussion sounds, from shaker and tambourine to gong and timpani.
  • The SPD::ONE KICK offers sounds optimized for triggering by foot, including bass drums, stomp boxes, percussion, and more. Each of these models comes with built-in effects, and offers the ability to import user WAV samples up to five seconds long via USB.
  • The SPD::ONE WAV PAD comes equipped with 4 GB of flash memory, enabling users to load their own custom WAV files via USB. With 12 memory locations and up to 360 minutes of stereo audio time available, the SPD::ONE WAV PAD can be loaded with everything from short one-shot samples and looped phrases to full-length backing tracks.

Each SPD::ONE model can be used on a tabletop or floor, or clamped to a drum or mic stand using the included mounting hardware.

USB-MIDI is also supported, allowing musicians to use an SPD::ONE pad to input MIDI data and trigger sounds in music software.

Pricing and Availability

The Roland SPD::ONE series is available with pricing as follows:

  • SPD::ONE WAV PAD – US Street $249.99

See the Roland site for details.

10 thoughts on “Roland SPD::One Electronic Percussion Pads Now Available

    1. I’m being 100% serious and non-snarky, PassiveMixer.

      I actually would have loved to get a Roland-made device with a few control knobs, an SD slot, one pad and one rail, and 2 trigger inputs. And if the software was done right, it would be PERFECT!

      I am genuinely disappointed in the feature set, and genuinely find the price to be EXACTLY what I would be willing to pay for a more full-featured product.

  1. The old Boss ones at least had an LFO and a dedicated Decay knob.

    At the current price they are asking for them (249$) they are really not to be confused with a bargain… But the price they initially announced them for (379$) was literally insane…

  2. Already been using the WAV for a while. I love it. (And simple enough for my drummer to use.)

    The ability to trigger stereo backing tracks with click coming out of the headphone jack is super useful.

  3. the midi over usb seems to be only feature id end up using… anyone know of a foot “pedal” that sends note and velocity to trigger sounds in a daw/vst? possibly for 1/2 the price? lols

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