The Electronic Music Of William Eggleston

This short documentary is a profile of renowned photographer William Eggleston, who at 78 has released his first album of electronic music, Musik.

“I wouldn’t pretend to understand what really makes music,” notes Eggleston. “It’s so fluid and formless, physically, that we just can’t grab part of it. When one starts to try to do that, one’s trying to speak about something that is not finite.”

Musik is available via Bandcamp. You can also preview it below:

Directed and Edited by Rick Alverson

14 thoughts on “The Electronic Music Of William Eggleston

  1. Those look like two mono amps to me. A friend and I used to design and build those in his garage when we were teenagers–in the 60’s! Got the tubes from old TVs.

  2. “He was ahead of his time, too, in a way, and the world has finally caught up with him. His banal, “democratic” photographs are the forerunners of the millions of photographs taken every day with iPhones and tablets and uploaded to the Internet.” -Steve Meltzer

  3. Inspirational! I can only hope at 78 I still have something to express and the capacity of body and mind to express it.

  4. Dylan.
    The one piece of tube-y gear on the table that I know can make a sound, is on the far right. It’s an HP series 200 signal generator. The one with the big silver knob. It makes a sine wave. I have two rack mounted versions of this piece. Most of the other pieces are oscilloscopes.

  5. High five!! Amazing! Especially the strings and scapes in the youtube vid. Would love to hear more bits though I guess the tracks are cheap enough on BC.

  6. This is Heartbreaking , informative, inspiring and Beautiful at the same time!
    It’s beautifully shot too! Paul Thomas Anderson should make a Movie about him!

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